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Henri Daehne correction sets for Props & Spinners

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388 props?


Pastor John got something in the works?


I'm still waiting to hear back from Henri


I don't think they have something in the works but I guess I could inquire with the good Pastor.  Pastor John has a set of fantastic props with his two 388 conversions he did so I'm not too sure on the other set.  But I'll still order a few anyways.

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Ralph... your last Photosucket link doesn't work. A lot of spiel about hosting comes up instead.


hope to be back home in one week and there I will look for a solution, so pity that many nice and good pictures disappear because P_sucket.

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Hi Guys,


I emailed Henri about ordering the FW 190D-13 prop to fit on the Grey Matters Jerry Rutman conversion and had a reply about the availability in a few hours. Initial email to him was 10.45, reply at 16.12.


So I ordered the D-13 set, another D-9 set and another Ta 152H set. Henri sent the me the PayPal bill in a couple of minutes and I paid it straight away.


I've got a fair few of Henri's products and now that I've retired I'm working my way up to building the kits and using his props on them.


And just had an email to say the goods will be in the mail tomorrow morning. That's 16.33. How's that for service?




Bruce Crosby

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Got Henri´s new Ju 388 resin propellers today! Cannot decide which ones to use: with, or without the hub. The details given are again superb!


Here is a list of his props in case you might want to place an order, using his email address mentioned above.





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