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  1. Very nice compilation of Ju 88 C-6 decals and drawings. Congratulation John.
  2. It might be of interest that those Ju88Ps were later used up at Schuleinheiten without cannon after their limited combat 'carrier'. Several photographs have been published from those aircrafts. So this could be an inspiration for a you John, for a decal sheet where not only Versuchsmuster (test) or combat P's migth appear ... BTW, as far as I remember there is a photo of such a Training (Schul-) aircraft in 'Luftwaffe over Czech territory' Japo-book. The planes looked as if only the 7.5 cm cannon had been deleted whereas the wapon bay remained. Additionally some numerical facts from
  3. The beautiful model and the photos are a standard of its own. Will you show it again at the Moson maket show 2017? Hope to see you there again, John. Martin
  4. Increadbly detailed, simply wunderful, and a class of its own, John! Will you take ist with you to the model Show at Mosonmagyarovar? Sorry to ask so late, but one detail remains mysterious. The reece pilot of the Bild-Me 262 needs a periscope to aim his cameras towards his photo target(s) exactly (e.g. like for Ta 152 E, Ar 234 A/B/C) or a Lotfe, and that would also need a hole/window in the floor. Anyway, a great work of art! Martin
  5. Excellent result. And its 1:48. Great! Would love to see more AIMS models and products in this average modeller collector scale.
  6. John, your level of details is superb. In particular I like the cameras Rb 50/30 and the camera bay in post#80. By the way, do you consider to come to Vienna for the IPMS Austria's Go Modelling 2016 contest and show also as AIMS Marketing your conversion sets? It will take place on 12./13.March see www.ipms.at for Pictures from previous contest also see www.rlm.at Hope to meet you there. Martin
  7. John, your 262 fuselage looks definitely fantastic, take care, it might even be able to fly away. Re the plumbing, you know that as a manufacturing simplification (Fertigungsvereinfachung) the colours where reduced to colour stripes on pure metal. As the dedicated one and only LSP recce Experte you added Bildfolgeregler and similar equipment to the cockpit. Could you show us these instruments? Good luck for your Bild-262 project! And Merry Christmas! Martin
  8. John you should be in (Western) Hungary on 18. or 19. April as there is an excellent model show at Mosonmagyarovar with many excellent built models, dioramas and many model kits, conversion kits, decals and publications dealers particulary from CEE Central and Eastern Europe. Definitely one of the best shows and marktes in this region of Central Europe apart from ipms Vienna's GoModeling, and Brno ... Just a hint for you and your beautifull Conversion kits ...
  9. Bravo, John These parts look absolutely beautiful. Which of them are homegrown - gray or beige/sand coulored ? You should really think to produce them in 48 scale also, because there might be more modellers, who would like to convert a Ju88/188 into a Ju388 instead of building a full resin model. Martin
  10. Dear John, Question regarding the decals, it remained a miracle Up to now what the text in the doted red circle read on the BMW801TJ? And how did you resolve that miracle (source?) obviously? Martin
  11. PE and decals look great! The choice of Werknummbers is - compared to many competitors in scale modelling - excellent, showing aircrafts that where finished by ATG and ready for BAL delivery. The latest scale aviation modeller international SAMI, a nice advertisment showing the Ju188 resin cockpit section, and a Ju 388 drawing and a short article on the large scale Ju 188 by AIMS. I am sure following issues will cover the Ju 388. Good luck, John with your beautifull new resin articles and let us share any further stets here! Martin
  12. John, It is a true pleasure to watch the Aims mastermind creating the Ju388 conversion model! Only one suggestion, you should really consider to develop the conversion also for the 48 scale, to respond to the demand of probably more collectors. Although the Planet Models full resin kits exist, there might be more than me out there, who dare to build an conversion kit but not a large full resin kit and the Dragon Ju 188 is an excellent base kit for such conversion sets . You could easly start with a simple L-0, K-0 conversion. Our book provides enough photos ;-) .... Best wishes for
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