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  1. Awesome. Good to know. I didn't notice you had done the E Type Trolley.
  2. Will there be anymore like the 'Grand Slam' or 'Tall Boy' or whatever they're called? Maybe a different version of the Lancaster all together.
  3. Little bits at a time, Steve. Little bits and eventually England will be the 51st state. Been working on that for a couple hundred years. Won't be much longer now
  4. Thanks Matt for the links. I hadn't seen them when I searched for builds. Also, I haven't ever finished a kit so I'm sure this one won't be any different
  5. I was in contact with Fly a couple years back and he said he was considering doing the Ar 234C but had other projects to do first.
  6. Thanks Brian. I was thinking it was a build where the wing mounts to the fuselage and modified those protruding spars but I may be mistaken and it was Iian's build.
  7. Thank you. That might be it. I'll look through it to see what I can find. I searched for forums and came up with just a few He 219 builds. N.
  8. There was a build thread from a couple years back from a gentleman that figured out a way to fix the way the wings attached to the fuselage to have the correct "look" or whatever and I can't seem to find that thread. Anyone have any idea which thread I'm speaking of from the vague clues I've given? As for my build at the moment, very little has been done and will post a couple pictures soon.
  9. Sure hope that's true. Could use another 20 or so Ju 88A-4s.
  10. Gentleman,, My first entry into any group build and first time sharing anything I've worked on here. I would have shared sooner but I had decided to skip out on the festivities but changed my mind again a little bit ago. I'll be attempting to build Revell's 1/32 Heinkel He 219A-7 kit as Hauptman Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow's He 219A-0/R6 coded G9+FK. I'll correct a few things with the kit but not everything. It looks like an He 219 to me so no need to fix everything. Expected completion date of never.
  11. Thanks Kev. Planning on doing three at once. Maybe
  12. Do I need a thread for each if I decided to do more than one He 219?
  13. I'd be in with a couple He 219s. I'm not sure on the whole 6 months build window. Stretch that out a bit to around 10 - 15 years then I might be able to accomplish something. Might. At best.
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