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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Great stuff you're doing here.


I've had a look for photos of wired up radar installations but everything tends to not show the wiring as it was behind the units themselves. I think 'relatively busy' looking would work. Some of the cables were quite thick connecting the radar units. It'll be so dark in there when the fuselage is closed that not a lot will be visible...



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Many thanks guys, much appreciated  ;)


I find it's fun working on this wheel bay so here is an othe update


I started by adding 4 "actuators" and some holes  :)




Then some plumbing which I think is the main hydrolic system (but I can not garantie)




Then, some more plumbing in grey ... no idea what this one is in reality...






I tryed to get this work as clean as possible but that was tough to say the less and I expect lots of touch up when I get this all primed... fingers crossed  !   ;)

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