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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Thanks a lot Mark  ;)


an other update with today's work  ;)


I have been working on the rear bulkhead of the bay so we have bottles of compressed air (me belive) and pipes, some more wiring, plumbing and actuators as well as rivets !






and a "front like" view




I also completed the cooling lines. They run (and are glued) partly on the side wall




Finaly, this is the main ref pic I have been working with (from "Manfred Griehl - Do335") so you can make your own mind about the all thing.




There still is a few things missing before I turn may attention to the side walls... but they seam to be quite "empty" even if I do not have thousands of pics to refer to...


Tell me what you guys think  ;)

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To bad no of this was done before my Do335 build.  ;) 


​Luckily I have saved my Tamiya 335 still to build. Hopefully that HK 335 as well and a book or to to help out.


Keep up the incredible work!



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Thanks guys,

I tryed my best at it.



please feel free to share pics of you Do335 if you wish too  ;)


I've got it here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=45812 (However the only pictures that aren't missing are on the last page of the completed work)


Not horribly good in my opinion, but was in preparation for my Beaufighter project.


Keep up the insanely superb work. :popcorn:



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I remember your build now, nice result  ;)



I build it so it can be casted but I am not yet sure we will proceed due to the injection moulding kits that are on the way.

In the end, I might use those patterns to build my Do 335 and never cast the parts...


Unless we have enought people wishing to buy parts so that it get interresting for grey matter figures to cast them ;)

So if you are interrested in buying some, let us know !!!

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I guess when the HK 335 comes out, it might need some "upgrade parts"......I would say your scratchbuild would definately qualify as an "upgrade"! :lol:


Grey Matter could cast it as a detail set......Just sayin...... :hmmm:

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