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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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and the completed part:






It is just above 21mm in real life and it has been a treat working on this tiny bit.


That's what it looks like in the middle of the V (might not be properly positionned thought):






Well, it has been difficult to resist the will to do all the high pressure lines pipes "spider web" that connect this unit to the cylindres :rolleyes: ... That will be for some other days...


Thanks for following guys ;)

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This is just supberb modelling my friend, love every update, could you put a ruler by the side so I can see how long it is. This then I can visulize.

You do know now that once you start this, the whole plane will need this attention for detail :D






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Hi guys,


small update today as I had very limited time for modelling those last days (plus I had a major internet connexion break down on monday :angry2: ).


I did add the last details to the fuel pump unit and did mate it with what I understand as being an oil somthing unit ...

Anyway, here are 2 pics of this unit as well as 2 drawings of the fuel system that I used as a base for my scratch building work (courtesy of google).








Thanks for following guys ;)

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