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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Hi there,


and thanks Mark & Harv :)



My older daughter was ill during all weekend and got no better today so it was not possible to send her to school and I had to stay at home with her... which gave me some modeling time ;)


I have been working on the rocker covers for a change...


Started by replicating all the bolting "chanels" into the covers using a needle and a candel ... there are 32 chanels on each cover <_< Each one is finished with a sharp hobby knife and a piece of sand paper.




Then, I glued some piece of evergreen styren rod to replicate the bolts. I use styren rods rather than stretched sprue cause the diametre is more consistant (or at least we can expect it to be...).

I cut a 10mm long piece and glue it in its final position on the cover letting a bit like 9mm to stand off in the cylinder head direction. I then cut the remaining 9mm with a sharp blade and get the final 0.x mm by sanding the all cover when its completed.


This also allow a better consistancy in the size of the bolts, helps to keep the bolt head as round and square as possible and finally, helps every bolt to be flush with the cover which is important for next step...





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Then, I glue the parts on a stripe of styren which is as close the width of the part as possible.

As you may see, every bolt is weel in contact with the stripe thanks to the sanding operations:




Then, after a bit more of cutting and sanding action ....




Time for a quick check on the cylinder unit: not too bad I think:






Now, lets add the tiny details and here we are !





It is all very addictive indeed and I which I could be on vacations for a few days but unfortunatly, I will have to go back to work tomorrow :shrug:


Thanks again for following guys !

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Thanks very much for your continous encouragements and kind words my friends :speak_cool:


I must admit I feel stupid but I am like a 6 year old kid that have finaly managed to do something difficult and he is so happy and proud thay he can spend "hours" staring at his work and wants the entire world to know about it .... :blush: well, I am that humhum 36 !! year old kid :mental:


Sorry guys, it is a bit of a shame but I wanted to tell .... if some people might be able to understand that feeling, they must be on that forum :D


Well, that all to say that I did assemble an other dry fit for my own "pleasure" and I could not resist to shot a few pics and share those :P

















Still a thousand things to do and add but it starts to look like an engine :beer:

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Loic, as I mentioned already, this is going to be one hell of an engine. very time you add detail it only gets more realistic. I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished result, and I'd love to purchase a copy or two from you when you can produce them, as long as it does'nt conflict with your building this beauty of a plane.

All the best,


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Many many thanks guys, your support is my fuel ;)


As said, there is still a hudge lot of things to do, especially on the engine block and in the middle of the "V" as this area is crowded on the real thing.


At the moment I am scratching my head on how to replicate the exaust interface.

This is normally a machined area, the shape is rather complicated (too complicated to be easilly replicated by punch/die or similar) and the most problematic point, it is not parallel / aligned with the cylindre head surface... The more it goes, the more I realise I will certainly face troubles with these 12 bits... any idea would be welcome.


Also need your help as I have a question for you guys:


Well, as I might go into a cast/sale process with this one (that is not yet decided but it is a possibility...) I want to know your mind about wiring.


Most of the time, with AM stuff, there are lots of cables/wiring details added and you only have to paint them.

They add lots of details and that is good.

This said, for ignition plugs wiring on V12 engines, those wirings are often too flat to my view. Because of the necessity of casting, the cables have to be glued to the engine body but in real life, they have a more "loop like" routing.


What would be your position about wiring (mainly ignition):


Option A : you consider those wiring are a must have on an AF engine kit

Option B : you would prefer that all the necessary holes/locators are replicated and you add your own wiring by yourself


Thanks in advance for your feed back ;)

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