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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Hello guys !


Karl,Jamme, Don and Fozzy many, many thanks for the kind words ;)


I have had quite a busy week both at work and at home so could not do much.


So... small update today but we got pumps !!


1- is kuhlstoffpumpe ==> cooling pump

2- is hauptschmierstoffpumpe ==> primary oil (lubricating) pump

3- is kraftstoffpumpe ==> fuel pump


Here are a few pics of dry fits assembly:








Thanks for following my friends :speak_cool:

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Thanks Matt and Jamme !

I am glad you like it my friends ;)


I will shot pics in the Do as soon as I reassemble a dryfit test of the engine (it is all in bits and pieces at the moment...).


I have done some work on the engine block yesterday evening, I will continue today and post an update later today.

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here is a small update on the work done since yesterday.


I concentrated my attention to the engine block itself as it did start to look strangly "empty" when dryfitted to the rest of the parts that start to have details on them.


First was the top cover panel and its 60+ bolts:




Then I started to detail the sides of the block, upper row first:




Lower row followed:




Of course, both sides are treated.


The 2 lifting eyes did gave me a small head scratching untill I finally find a good way of replication the triangular hole! I used a nail that I shapped with a Dremell tool until I got a triangle shape. Then, I heat the nail with a candle and get the "print" into a bit of styren card. Finally, I cut the rest of the shape out around the hole :D .


Here is a pic of the engine with the cylindre units on (no glue applied):




Last for now is a pic of the engine thrown (almost litterally...) into the Do for Matt ;)




Thanks for following and for your continuous encouragement and kind words guys, this is much appreciated :speak_cool:

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