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Good news: I got some detail painting done on the pit.



Wow, that looks sharp. A little baffling though that the seat doesn't fit. It looked like it was ok in the first few pics you posted. Was anything added within the cockpit that intruded in to the seat's space? Looking' forward to seein' how you rectify it.







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Thought I'd play with this a bit this evening, here's the new fairing for intake shock cone, the first one was off by a country mile. Tested and fits like a charm. Just some final sanding, and it's good to go.


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Crikey that's good painting mate!



Thanks Kev. I still haven't tried out my new Iwata, so I'm rather anxious to get this one zipped up. Interestingly, the two Afghani schemes depicted in this thread don't match up, so I'll have to do a bit of research to see what's most likely.

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