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I hear that photo paper will also work....Harv :frantic:

Not a bad idea at that Harv. I'm trying to shave as much time off this as I can by avoiding unnecessary work where possible. Some paint trickery, and this burner should look OK I think. We'll see I suppose.

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I remember a couple of years ago, a fellow doing a WIP of a Trump MIG 15, used the photo copy paper in the intake trunk to acomplish the same thing. Always stuck in my head, cause I plan on building both the 15 and 17.............Harv :rolleyes:

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Nice work so far and fast.



Thanks Mark. Too late, I realized this photo is kind of lame, but unfortunately I've already painted this area, so it can't be fixed. I took the liberty of adding some strips inside the burner nozzle just to dress it up a bit; not realistic perhaps, but it serves my purpose. 091411001.jpg


Burner area painted and ready for installation.




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Great work and problem solving so far, looking forward to the rest of the build!





Thanks Doug, I am so looking forward to painting this with my new Iwata. Well, tail assembly is coming along nicely. Aft engine area will need considerable smoothing out with putty and the addition of some structural "stuff".



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