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Freakin good with your usual attention to detail.
Love it.

Thanks Jeroen, I appreciate the sentiment. I had to take a break from this project for a couple of days to straighten up my pigpen workbench. I should now be able to work faster and more efficiently (theoretically), and that's great because I have a ton of projects to get to this autumn/winter. Hopefully I'll get a lot accomplished on the Mig in the next few days.

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Man, what a SHOWOFF !!...But nice!..............Harv :blink:


While that really wasn't my intention, thanks a bunch Harv. It was an absolute hog sty before I spent about five hours straightening up the mess. I had parts and pieces from projects going back two or three years buried under all the garbage. I intend to get started on my 1:32 scale 16" turret pretty soon, and need all the free space I can muster. I've already ordered two large sheets of .080 plastic for the turret structure, and have further refined my CAD drawings.

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The Cave ... First class - all the way.



Thanks Peter, I like it. it's very fortunate for me that I'm in a position to have an entire room dedicated to hobby "stuff". There's ample room for a second bench where a friend routinely joins me on Saturday evenings for joint model building sessions.

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life is good. And to work with a friend just makes it even just that much better.

Yep, my buddy is a plastic fanatic just like me. Centerline fuel tank gets more prep work; weld seams sanded down a tad, boo boos corrected, and it's ready for paint.

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