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OK, I've settled on this as my next effort (in addition to some other catch up stuff), something I've wanted to do for quite some time. I've always been a fan of the Mig 21, so I intend to knock one off using the Trumpeter MF kit as a basis; Mostly OOB, but with a dab of AM stuff. Markings to be determined, but something eye catching I hope, probably Iraq or Afghanistan scheme. This is where I'll concentrate most of my energy.

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That's quiet a deviation from your WW1 subjects as of late. I am sure it will be a popular build here! :speak_cool:


Yep, my interests are all over the map. Plus, I've been inspired by a few threads here recently on the subject. Since I have only one Mig 21 built in this scale, I decided it was time to have some painting fun on what may possibly be one of my favorite Russian aircraft of all time. It's my desire to blow through this by Christmas. We'll see how that goes I guess.
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Thanks Mark. I already have the decals, so just to cut down on waste, I may use them for the Afgan bird. Seat has been base coated with a nice blue that I really like. This is not the same blue as will be used in the majority of the pit. I'll start detail painting tomorrow.



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Guest Peterpools


I haven't even digested the Triplane yet and the Mig is underway. Super start on the project.

Love OOB builds with updated cockpits.


:popcorn: :popcorn:

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Seat now has basic colors laid on. I see a couple of boo boos I need to correct, but seat is now basically done. A wash after clear coating should make a world of difference. Headrest still to be painted.I like it (just faked up, trying to capture the essence of the seat, it's a whole lot faster for me), what do you folks think?










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