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P-47D The Farmingdale Jug PT2: UPDATE 9/1/13: FINISHED

Guest Peterpools

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Guest Peterpools

Thanks Thomas

Appreciate the kind words

Glad the R2800 has passed the test. Hopefully, it won't be too long before the primer and Alclad takes center stage.

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Guest Peterpools

With pool season in high gear and the temps in the high 90's (i am in the swimming pool business), my time at the bench has been pretty limited but progress, small as it may seem is being made. What I thought would be a few hours work has turned into nearly three full work sessions to accomplish: the gear and gear doors. The gear doors were built as per instructions, with the addition a quite a bit of Eduard PE details added from their Exterior Detail Set. What I really like about the PE on the gear doors, is it doesn't jump out at you; just looks like everything belongs and was always there. Primed and painted with Tamiya acylics, the details and rivets were highlighted with an oil pin wash of burnt umber and a spot of lamp black, just going after a slightly dirty, weathered look.

The gear is as per the kit with the addition thin solder wire for the break lines and s/s clamps added from Tamiya masking tape. The gear was primed with Tamiya Fine Gray Lacquer Primer and then painted with Alclad Dark Aluminum. I wanted to see if Alclads Gloss Klear Kote would seal the NMF and not dull the metal finish. Happy to say it didn't seem to effect the finish at all. I did notice the Klear Kote has a rubber feel after the first set and takes a few days to really dry. Once dry, I applied a lamp black pin wash and discovered the Klear Kote is so smooth, it fought the pin wash from running along the edges. What I wound up with was the results of three applications and I called it a day, following up with a sealer coat of the same.

Hasegawa's wheels and tires were used straight from the box, with the tires still needing some pastels for a final weathering a bit later down the road.

While the gear was drying, the clear nav lights were cut into place and are nearly done, as most other areas of the fuselage are now close to being ready for priming. Hopefully in a few weeks, the Jug will be in the painting stages and making the final run towards the end of the production line.

Thanks for checking in.







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Guest Peterpools


Over the past month, I've been working on the various assemblies for the Jug and everything seemed to gel once the gear assembly was done - one happy coincidence. Wings and stabilizers were glued into position, seams filled and then the lost panel lines and rivets were re-scribed. Flaps were completed but are only being test fitted at this stage, as well as the cowling. Finally being able to locate the Cutting Edge decal sheet for Lt Col David Schilling 56FG 1944 thanks to Harvey's generosity, I as now able to put the pedal to the metal, start making the final decisions and get going. First up was the prop decision was finalized: the Big Hamilton Standard fan and is now just being test fitted; as there still is a lot of work to do before it's ready for the paint shop. The PE base for the turtle deck portion for the canopy rail system was glued into place and the engraved details on it looked might nice. At the same time, all the lost panel lines, rivets and screw-heads were re-scribed on the nose of the Jug.

Paint selection was now going to be as per the Cutting Edge decal call outs. Hopefully, in a few weeks and a ton of luck, the Jug will be ready for priming.

Thanks for checking in









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Thats really a great kit IMHO. It goes together well, is the most accurate looking jug to my eyes bar none, and it looks the doggies danglies when done.


Are you missing the spinner for the hammie standard, or is that a modified prop?

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