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  1. Mine arrived today and there was no damage to clear parts! This is going to be a massive undertaking! It certainly is more impressive in person!
  2. It's here and I'm overwhelmed by the size and detail of this monster. Not sure I have the talent worthy of the kit!
  3. The Lancaster arrived today and everything is intact! A card inside the box from Andy stated they inspected the clear parts before shipping to make sure there was no damage! That is one of many reasons I like to purchase from AndysHHQ. They really have outstanding customer service! This kit may be more than I can handle. It is HUGE and I'm not sure I have the talent to do it justice. I'll have to contemplate on this!
  4. Sent an email off to Andy about issues reported with kits having damage and he quickly responded that any problems would be handled expeditiously. Also he paid extra on his order to have kits sent in additional boxes. We shall see but I'm not concerned. And yes...still excited to dig into it!!
  5. Just got an email from Andy's Hobby HQ with a tracking number for my Lancaster kit!! I was expecting it at the end of the month here in New York. The wait may finally be over (barring any unforeseen issues with the carrier)!
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