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  1. Nic C D an I were in conversation during the build, he told me how long it took to do the graphics. Mike
  2. 1/32 Tamiya F-16 “DARK FALCON” "It’s a longstanding tradition within the Belgian Air Force to have an F-16 Solo Display Team perform during the airshow season. A legacy worth preserving. Once every two or three years, an experienced F-16 pilot is selected to represent the Belgian Air Force internationally. From 2018 onwards, for the next three seasons, Senior Captain (Sr.Cpt.) Stefan Darte will perform at airshows all over Europe with a freshly painted F-16AM." ‘Vador’ "Very early in his career, his fellow student pilots gave him his nickname. It was obvious that his surname had to be extended with the addendum 'Vador', referring to the main character in the popular Star Wars movies." Stefan Darte "Sr. Cpt. Stefan Darte was born in 1977. He is a highly experienced pilot which has been flying the F-16 'Fighting Falcon' for some years. He spent most of his career flying with the 1st 'Scottish Thistle' Squadron, 2nd Tactical Wing, based at Florennes Air Base. He's currently a fighter weapons instructor. With nearly 3.000 flying hours on the F-16, 'Vador' will be able to demonstrate the maneuverability of the Fighting Falcon convincingly." “The F-16 Demo Team is more than a pilot and an F-16. Vador is supported by a vast team of professionals, each with their own speciality. During the airshow season, the groundcrew of the F-16 Demo Team will ensure that the pilot can perform in the best possible conditions with a perfectly prepared aircraft.” The team itself consists of one display pilot, fourteen technicians and a webmaster. All team members belong to ordinary air force personnel which means they have to fulfil their duties as the members of the team as well as they are available for any mission to preserve peace and security worldwide. So, this is my take on this aircraft in 1/32 scale, before you mention it there are some things, I couldn’t do to replicate the aircraft properly, the engine isn’t correct and the smoke winders are home-made, there are a few other things, but I have used what I could. There are no decals in 1/32 so this is all airbrushed, and I made my own decals were necessary. I used MRP paints as they dry quick and helped me in the masking department, this isn’t finished as I am waiting on reed oak to send me the figures I need, but the aircraft its self is finished. Enjoy
  3. Thank you and yes of corse, I have just done some images with a white background do you want them Mike
  4. Tim I used faded white oil paint it gets in to the panel lines and rivets, try it on a gloss varnished bit as a test. mike
  5. Whistling Death. It just sounds badass, doesn’t it? The Corsair, as the F4U built by Vought, or its identical twin the FG-1 (made by Goodyear), is one of the most iconic fighters of World War II. It could out-climb, out-run, and out-fight any propeller-driven aircraft it faced on the opposing side. Known for its distinctive design and huge propeller, the aircraft was also known for the peculiar sound it made at a higher airspeed. In order to keep the Corsair as aerodynamically clean as possible, designers made sure there was nothing protruding into the surrounding air to produce additional drag. In addition to the innovative “bent-wing” design, the intake for the aircraft’s turbo-supercharger, intercooler, and oil cooler were located in slots in the inboard leading edges of the wings. Air running through those slots at high speeds gave the aircraft a very distinctive sound, and the Japanese tagged the fighter with the moniker, “Whistling Death.” The facts and figures surrounding the Corsair’s service at war’s end were staggering. Corsairs flew more than 64,000 sorties between the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. They accounted for over 2,100 victories in air combat with only 189 losses, producing an overall kill ratio of more than 11:1. It did especially well against the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, with a kill ratio of 12:1 versus that type. The Corsair also dropped 15,621 tons of bombs during the war, a figure approximate to 70% of the total number of bombs dropped by U.S. fighters during the entire war, regardless of theater. This is an OTB build and to be honest you don't need any after market bits on this, apart from the decals I used, this build I used mission model paints, and I found them rather good. this build is a dream as the fit is perfect in every way ENJOY. Mike
  6. No I didn't use the Zacto parts, the kit was bad enough with out introducing another element Mike
  7. 1/32 A7- Corsair finished build complete, I used the verlinden navy carrier tractor, Reedoak’s figures and Eduard MK 84 bombs, along with resin electronics bays and wheel wheels, it’s a pain to build, but over come it and it’s a nice model, painted with MRP paints, this isn’t it’s true base she will join the F-14 Tomcat and F-4 on the carrier deck I built for a collector in London enjoy.
  8. I think it was Cezh masters, not entity sure the client supplied them Mike
  9. 1/32 Tamiya f-16 Zeus The F-16 demonstration team «ZEUS» displays HAF’s airpower to the public and acts as ambassador for Greece, demonstrating the professionalism and the skills of all pilots in the Hellenic Air Force. The team’s goals is to Provide morale within the Air Force, sister services and to the Greek community, to Inspire and recruit Greece’s best to join the service, Strengthen and grow public trust and confidence in the Hellenic Air Force and Retain the quality force we currently have. Team’s callsign during the Demo Flights is «Zeus», representing the father of the Olympian Gods of the Ancient Greek Mythology. The aircraft used for the performance of air shows is an F-16C Block 52+ . This is an OTB build with the exception of the converted tail I used model maker masks for the patterns, so 80% is painted. And I used Reedoak figures
  10. Hi no I can not send pictures as I don’t have it any more, but yes the hinges don’t line up so cut the off and attach with glue in the correct place that’s what I did mike
  11. Hi guys, thought I would show you my latest build its the 1/32 Italeri F-35A, OTB with the edition of the Eduard seat belts, its a poor kit, that's all I will say about this, I have used Reedoak figures, and the MJ1-B loader from video aviation, and MRP paints enjoy Mike
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