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  1. Hi Guys let me introduce you to the Tamiya F-16 CJ, the kit was dream to build no issues what so ever, this was also my first Time using MRP paints, and I have to say they are a dream to use, just brilliant. the kit has the Aires cockpit and undercarriage, and I used a reed oak fire along with a PG productions figure, the decals are from fox 1 vipers on guard. enjoy Mike
  2. Then maybe you should get in touch with PJ Productions and tell them, here is there details, there from Belgium here is the code number 321102 - NATO pilot seated in a/c (80' - 90') think the word NATO is a give away https://www.pj-production.be/en/8-figures-1-32- PJ PRODUCTION Rue A. Bodson 38 B 6280 GERPINNES BELGIUM
  3. Always have the time to help, here are the images of the parts with the tolling worn away. It's hard to believe that Revell have just launched the desert storm tornado, it's the same kit just re boxed, and with new decals, with the same loss of detail. The rest of the kit is ok, but I re drilled it so it all matched up, I have 2 of these kits left , but I think I am done with the tornado for a while. Mike on this image you can see that all the panel lines are missing, this is due to the tooling being worn out here is a close up of the same part and on the side of the tornado the panel lines have faded away, so these are all describe and riveted. these are the drills I use, there not expensive, but do snap if your not careful, I use the dremmil, as its got speed control, this helps. these are a finer set of drills union tool make the but you can get them off amazon for around £10.00
  4. Guys just want to say a big thank you for all the comments you have given me, thank you all Mike
  5. I did, I re drill a lot of rivets, and re scribed the panel lines that are worn out on the tool. Mike
  6. Hi Guys first off a happy new year to you all, hope there are not too many soar heads!! let me introduce you to the 1/32 Revell GR4 Tornado, I used Aires ejector seats and cockpit, and pilots from PJ Productions, with the decals from fantasy workshop, the rest is OTB. The kit goes together ok, but you need to be patient with it , I used HATAKA acrylics which are turning out to be my favoured brand, enjoy.
  7. I think they were from eBay I brought them some years ago mike
  8. Hi Gerhard the exhausts are what came with the kit, they are very nice with crisp detail, the resin seats are avionix, which I had lying around Mike
  9. That’s really a coincidence on the build and the crash. i did use the fox bat but stuck them to Tamiya masking sheets and used them as a template to re cut, so the pattern wasn’t altered mike
  10. Not sure on the killing the crew the masking was from fox bat Mike
  11. Hi Guys This is the , OTB the only addition are the resin ejector seats. the kits come together rather well, and I used the Hataka paint sets, which are superb, also I have 2 reed oak figures, 7 more to add, also used fox bat masking stencils , but the adhesive is very strong, so I ended up making my own. hope you enjoy. The Sukhoi Su-27 (Russian: Сухой Су-27; NATO reporting name: Flanker) is a twin-engine supermanoeuvrable fighter aircraft designed by Sukhoi. It was intended as a direct competitor for the large United States fourth-generation fighters such as the Grumman F-14 Tomcatand F-15 Eagle, with 3,530-kilometre (1,910 nmi) range, heavy aircraft ordnance, sophisticated avionics and high manoeuvrability.
  12. Hi Guys this is my rendition of show time 100 which of corse was a F4-Phantom, below for those that are interested is a bit of the history relating to that aircraft. Fighter Squadron 96, or VF-96Fighting Falconswas an aviation unit of the United States Navyin service from 1962 to 1975. When assigned to Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9) their tailcode was NG, and their radio callsign was Showtime. Originally established as United States Naval Reservesquadron VF-791Fighting Falconson 20 July 1950 it was redesignated VF-142after becoming a regular squadron on 4 February 1953. It was re-designated VF-96on 1 June 1962 and disestablished on 1 December 1975.
  13. your to right, if you build have plenty of filler Mike
  14. your to right, if you build have plenty of filler Mike
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