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  1. I think it was Cezh masters, not entity sure the client supplied them Mike
  2. 1/32 Tamiya f-16 Zeus The F-16 demonstration team «ZEUS» displays HAF’s airpower to the public and acts as ambassador for Greece, demonstrating the professionalism and the skills of all pilots in the Hellenic Air Force. The team’s goals is to Provide morale within the Air Force, sister services and to the Greek community, to Inspire and recruit Greece’s best to join the service, Strengthen and grow public trust and confidence in the Hellenic Air Force and Retain the quality force we currently have. Team’s callsign during the Demo Flights is «Zeus», representing the father of the Olympian Gods of the Ancient Greek Mythology. The aircraft used for the performance of air shows is an F-16C Block 52+ . This is an OTB build with the exception of the converted tail I used model maker masks for the patterns, so 80% is painted. And I used Reedoak figures
  3. Hi no I can not send pictures as I don’t have it any more, but yes the hinges don’t line up so cut the off and attach with glue in the correct place that’s what I did mike
  4. Hi guys, thought I would show you my latest build its the 1/32 Italeri F-35A, OTB with the edition of the Eduard seat belts, its a poor kit, that's all I will say about this, I have used Reedoak figures, and the MJ1-B loader from video aviation, and MRP paints enjoy Mike
  5. The tarmac is my design then printed on to 5mm foamx, my real job is print and design, so if you ever wanted one let me know Mike
  6. thank you all for the comments, I am think of taking it to Telford this year Mike
  7. thanks for the comments there Reedoak mention my name Mike
  8. Hi David thanks for the comments, this kit is showing its age, it has a few fit issues as you can imagine, the cockpit needs working on to get it to fit like wise the cans. also using the aires engines you do have to modify the tail fins, as the kit has an arm that holds them in place which sits behind them in the fusalarge, using the aires ones you do have to modify quite a bit. Mike
  9. Hi guys I used aires resin cockpit and ejector seats, and engines for this build, with majority of my new favourite paint MRP, the figures are Reed oak of corse. Just a bit about the build represents IN FEBRUARY 2015 NUMBER 12 SQUADRON CELEBRATED ITS CENTENARY AND THE MARKINGS APPLIED TO GR.4ZA405 INCLUDING A PANEL LISTING THE UNITS BATTLE HONOURS. ALSO SEEN HERE IS THE SQUADRON BADGE WHICH FEATURES OF FOXES HEAD FAMOUSLY ADOPTED WHEN THE UNIT BECAME THE ONLY RAF OPERATOR OF THE FAIRY FOX IN 1926.
  10. Yes no problem I start off painting the cockpit matt black using Tamiya matt black, then I spray from the top MRP light grey, which captures the shadows, which are matt black, I then just cover these with a light spray so there not to stark. MRP paints are already thinned, so its a nice steady build up. I do the same on the ejector seats. it's then a case of hand painting using Vallejo paints, and using washes to darken and make it look worn. once you're happy I dry brush using a light grey, but it's a very dry brush. it's all down to personal taste, but try it, if you don't like it strip it back with paint stripper and start again, I have done this many times. it's worth getting some good reference pictures, and try and follow how they look, you will get the hang of it once you try it. Mike
  11. Hi Lothar No this is the aires cockpit and resin seats Mike
  12. Hi Guys just thought after being asked many times to post some build shots for you enjoy Mike
  13. Hi Guys This is the 1/32 trumpeter AV8B Harrier, shown in its Italian markings. The kit is showing its age, but with a little TLC it can be turned in to a rather nice kit, I used the Aires cockpit, and wheel wells, along with Reedoak figures, and verlinden carrier deck trucks. Below is the back story An Italian AV-8B Harrier hitched a ride home aboard Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) after six months of maintenance in the US. The Italian aircraft, along with its flight crew, returned to Grottaglie Naval Base, Italy, on January 3, after the six months of scheduled maintenance at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, and two weeks of final checks and training aboard Kearsarge. Hope you enjoy Mike
  14. Hi Guys let me introduce you to the Tamiya F-16 CJ, the kit was dream to build no issues what so ever, this was also my first Time using MRP paints, and I have to say they are a dream to use, just brilliant. the kit has the Aires cockpit and undercarriage, and I used a reed oak fire along with a PG productions figure, the decals are from fox 1 vipers on guard. enjoy Mike
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