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  1. I have been collecting all the documentation for 25 years
  2. No it not micro-engineering it is only my hands and eyes
  3. I promise you that when I will make next elements I will show on this forum
  4. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and the like my work
  5. I during at work after work
  6. Thank you all for nice words. I'm only modest craftsman. It's only many hours and many small parts which I did many times. I use simple tools. Every elements is for me big challenge and from from small elements I glue a large element. I use a bending machine with a broken table to bend the plates as you can see below on the photo. airscale-tomorrow I will talk with Tomek and I will send greetings from you. Jaro don't reveal my secrets second secrets it's 3000 photos with the diffrents open panels. I have been collecting photos for the shelf-etażerka for over 20 years.My last pho
  7. Another step in the subject. I am constantly working on the shelf. The polish word -etażerka. Someone who designed it should get a Nobel Prize. Currently I am working on aggregates that are mounted on it. In addition, I made a new place to attach the cockpit cover.
  8. Thank you very much. It's only hard work and mamy,many spent time
  9. Thank you very much. Everyone can experience this adventure, the plane is available to everyone, the plane is in private hands, The need for health and some money.
  10. Very slowly 'after COVID I return to work. I want to show next elements which I did in the meanwhile. These are elements from the hatch behind the pilot's cabin. I use some elements, decals from ANYZ.de. 90% elemts are hand made. In the half of last year I was flying SBLim-2 (MiG-15) too. Photos from the flight are at the end of the post SBlim-2
  11. Hi everybody! I some times visited this forum when my friend Tomasz Hajzler showed yours model Boeing F4b4. Tomek ecouraged me to show my model of MIG-23MF. I come from Poland, from Słupsk. The nearby is Redzikowo where was 28th Fighter Air Force Regiment where flew MIG-23 MF . I started to build it seven years ago and I am still working on it. I would like to open 60 diffrent panels in my models . At the moment I've have open 20 panels and finished radar station SZAFIR. It contains about 2000 parts. I did light field gun in a trolley. If it's not a problem, I would like add links to
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