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  1. Sukhoi

    NEWS IN HpH !!!

    Pics posted on info@hphmodels.cz
  2. Sukhoi

    NEWS IN HpH !!!

    Hi Mirek... It is the Mig 23 BN..not UB...do you want pics of it?
  3. Sukhoi

    NEWS IN HpH !!!

    Got my Mig 23 UB conversion... Bit desapointed... the two halves fuselage are not have the same size!!!..bit hard to assemble...and some warping on it! Can be fix.. but more work than expected!!! Got most of HPH kits...but that one is kind of messy!
  4. Hi Kevin

       Selling the kit 35$US.. shipping for the kit via Canada accelerated post (with tracking, insurance..4 days delivery)..20$US

    So total would be 35$US + 20$US= 55$US

    The kit is new, complete unbuild, still wrapped inside

    If interested, let me know.. i accept paypal..   maherric@gmail.com

    Regards Richard

  5. Sukhoi

    O.K....my fake news!

    And yes...I did the HK one a couple of years ago....and since then, I saw it on mutiples web sites!!
  6. Sukhoi

    O.K....my fake news!

    What you can do...using photoshop! I think that one is better,,, Sorry guys....!!
  7. Hi guys.. Way way back they annouced thoses... Buccaneer and Jaguar..1/32
  8. Sukhoi

    Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force

    Will follow that one with attention! Did two articles on Hyperscale in 2002 on the Swiss Mirage!! Part 1.. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/mirageiiisrm_1.htm Part 2.. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/swissmirageiiirm_2.htm The only visible difference is a smoother nose (longer than IIIE) 15,27 meters lenght total and a flexible higher front nose landing gear. And take a look at thoses video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1PYiDIIZ1U
  9. Sukhoi

    Su-33 Sea Flanker

    Look here.. https://www.facebook.com/tanmodel/photos/pcb.631534290368169/631533617034903/?type=3&theater
  10. Sukhoi

    British Phantom..1/32...

    O.K. guys.. I know that many peolpes thinks that it is comming up...sorry to deceive you..but the boxart for that one was made a couple of month ago...using photoshop by me!!... In fact...I am really hoping to see one comming up!...before I die!! Or I would prefer a Tamiya one!!
  11. What about that one..
  12. At last!!!....sure it will not be cheap...but count me in for a couples!!! Time to break the 'piggy bank'
  13. Hi guys.. Is there a conversion..1/32.. to make an Indian Mig 29K (dual seater)....they don't seem to have the single seater one!!!