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  1. Pete< you going to Telford? if so I can tell you in person
  2. Been watching your progress over on ARC and now you're here with us! Welcome to the forums and may I asy the work on the Viggen is superlative!
  3. Between you and Aigore, your setting the standard for future Viggen Builds!
  4. Good Grief Iain, Just copped a look at this progress! That really is a beast of epic proportions. (not the frog) I thought B17s and Lancasters were big but thats huge!
  5. As a follow up the wonderful Luftwaffe nightfighter footage, I stumbled across this the other day, A fascinating insight into the planning and execution of a raid to Berlin. Looks like its from an old VHS tape so im not sure if the colours are original or not. some of the sounds seem post production but well done in order to provide an atmosphere.
  6. Iv'e had a heads up that mine is set for dispatch next week so YIPPEE!!!
  7. The open panels certainly do add visual interest and its great to see that Jetmads have provided the basis for some super detailing in this area.
  8. absolutely amazing footage a real gem of a find for references. Thanks for finding and sharing it!
  9. Having just splurged out for the C47 after all these years i'm really looking forward to receiving it. When it will get built is another question. That said when i do build it I will also be looking into options on how to make the outer wings removable to help in displaying the beast!
  10. this is a classic example of the now sadly missed howl!
  11. My poor wallet! I’m all over this like a rash
  12. Beautiful ! thanks for sharing the Russian Iron!
  13. I'm not sure Jetmads are shipping in order number. Iv'e inquired about mine 10696, and been told its coming out to me mid November. Ah well, Iv'e waited this long!
  14. If that's the case I may be on the receiving end too 10696!
  15. Not so sure about that.... have you seen the amount and variation in patterns? thats A LOT of cutting!
  16. Had confirmation from HPH its now on its way... Race between the C 47 and the Viggen!
  17. In all fairness I built the FW 189 and its an amazing kit. The level of detail afforded and the way it went together, yes its complex but worth it which is why I want to give the C47 a go. Its the only game in town!
  18. Thanks Thierry, have you built the beast? if so some pointers wouldn't go amiss!
  19. Iv'e only gone and committed to buying a HPH C47! I may come to regret it!
  20. Sorry but scum like this need some sort of justice. the thought that they just believed they could steal your hard earned belongings is just s**t. I hope they get what's coming to them especially as you helped them out in the past!
  21. great looking build Bruce. Iv'e got one up next for a build so this provides a little inspiration!
  22. Hope your good lady is back on her feet soonest! Spot On with the Viggen! This work just makes me want my copy even more!
  23. Impressive, very very impressive. looks great now it will look superb when its finished. Keep up the great work!
  24. found this........ wet my pants!
  25. for those interested take a look at this video. Superlative moulding although ill still pass.
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