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  1. Great kit, I built it a couple of years ago. Well worth the money.
  2. I was looking forward to their Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, I would much prefer that it would be in resin but hopefully the plastic version might tickle my fancy. Judging by the responses to this thread I guess that most people prefer plastic over resin? I guess resin is more expensive but when you start adding on all the after market goodies then it sure can push the overall cost up. I have built HpH Helldiver and it was a fantastic kit and I have their monster Catalina in my stash.
  3. I bought this kit off EBay about a month or so ago. It is no where near as nice as a Silver Wings or Lukgraph kit but not too bad either. I had to ask the owner to send me a link to the instructions (a set of photos) so that I could download them, as I have not used CDs in many a year and my MacBook does not have a cb bay, and I guess not many laptops do now ( so he needs to toss the CD). It is a more basic resin kit when compared to the likes of Silver Wings, Lukgraph, Hph etc. However judging by the pictures of the completed model it does look to build into a nice model. I’m not too sure about the butt joints for the wings and this is the first time that I have come across it (I think) on a resin kit. All in not a bad kit.
  4. Too bad, I much prefer resin, which is pretty much all that I build.
  5. My kit arrived a day ago and I am very pleased with it. It is on a par with Marsh Models other Schneider racers that I have built. They build into great looking robust finished models. I would have preferred a metal cast prop like in the S4 but it is a very minor detail. I just wish that I could get a hold of the Macchi MC72...
  6. I have also ordered one, with their early bird 15% discount price plus shipping to the UK was €120. I should get it mid November.
  7. Fantastic, I have already ordered one, should get it next week. It will join the Supermarine S6, Supermarine s4 and the Macchi M.52 on the shelve. Might have to get the Supermarine S5 too; the Schneider racers I think are my all time favourite aircraft. I did also build the 1/24 Profile24 Gloster VI a couple of years ago, a beautiful aircraft.
  8. It's a defo on my must have list. I have Silver Wings Reggiane Re.2000, Silver Wings CR 32, Craftworks MC 200 (which was my first build this year), Craftworks C.202/C.205 and the Special Hobby 1/48 Breda Ba.65; so this will be a great addition to my Italian WW2 aircraft. I've also been eyeing their 1/32 PBY Catalina for the past year and can see myself purchasing it soonish (this year). Of course the price is mental, but I've got a smallish stash of about 35 kits (about 20 of them in resin) and don't plan on buying any more as I pretty much have most of the resin kits that I really want. My current stash is a few years building there, so with the addition of 3 or 4 more must have resin kits I will top it off there. Iain
  9. I bought this kit about two years ago; I've no idea when I will get around to building it as I have about 5 kits lined up in my build list for the rest of this year. I will add, that after being through the kit a few times that it is an excellent kit and top quality; it's not cheap tho! I personally wouldn't bother with any after market parts for it, as mentioned before, a kit of that price it should contain everythng that you need; perhaps with the exception of metal landing gear. Cheers! Iain
  10. I ordered their Helldiver and it arrived last week. Looks great, it's high up on my build list. I've just started AlleyCat's 1/32 Boomerang which has been sitting in my stash for two years. After the Boomerang I want to crack on with the Lukgraph Curtiss F7C-1 Seahawk then probably the Helldiver after that. Cheers! Iain
  11. I'm pretty much a resin man, and my last six or seven builds have all been resin. I built the HPH Lavochkin La-7 1/32 about a couple of years back and it went together quite well. After the casting blocks were removed (fairly straight forward) it was pretty much a straight forward build with the usual cleanup which is part of the course with resin. IMHO the top quaity resin kits are from Silver Wings, Lukgraph, Alley Cat and HPH. Aerotech are also very good as is Fisher's Model and Pattern. Craftworks are very good also but require a little bit more cleanup but build into great finsihed models. Another reason I prefer resin is that the finished model is a bit more robust, solid and heavier than a IM kit. My preferred tools for resin are: Tamiya sanding sponges A good set of mini diamond files Tamiya hard coated half round file 15 min epoxy resin, which I try and use all the time, and also makes a good filler. Super glue gel, for really small stuff but never for anything (well almost) outside the cockpit. Gator glue, for photo etch Scribing tool Tamiya HG straight and decal tweezers Cheers! Iain
  12. This kit jusr arrived today and I have to say that it is a great piece of resin casting. I also bought the new Silver Wings Reggiane Re.2000 and the MDC Typhoon and all three kits are of the same excellent quality. I've built quite a few resin kits now and resin is my preferred choice over injected kits. Cheers! Iain
  13. I would love it if anyone would produce a 1/32 grumman j2f Duck. Apart from Zoukie Muras 1/32 Ta152H-1(which I have had my eye on as a near future addition to my small stash) I don't have much interest in Luftwaffe aircraft, probably because I a not that familiar with them. Iain
  14. Thanks Hubert. I've only built 3 racers, the S4, P-51 Voodoo and the Renaissance 1/32 caudron c.51 (which is a nice little kit). I love WW2 warbirds also and have about 7 of them waiting to be built. Judging by some peoples stashes mine is quite small at about 15. Iain
  15. Here is a link to some piccies I took, the first 3 are my S4 which is not completed, the next 2 are my P-51 Voodoo that I finished about a month or so ago. The last photo is my racer kits that I will do in due course. I'm now waiting for my new addtition to arrive - the Howard Hughes H1 long wing which I just ordered today. https://www.flickr.com/photos/142307356@N05/shares/5GL7UL Iain
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