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  1. Hi there! We are glad to show you our big Wolff. This propeller and hub set as a suitable replacement for the Wingnut Wings model of the LVG C.VI (32002 options B C E), DFW C.V (32040 A B D E), DFW C.V (32057 E) and any other aircraft installed with the Benz Bz.IV aeroengine. This propeller is now available for purchase in our web store.
  2. Dear friends! Have you started to build your Halberstadt Cl.II? It is a good time to do it! Finally two new Prop & Pipe sets are released and now available for order. You can choose Niendorf or Garuda propeller with excellent electroformed exhaust pipe made by REXx. Worldwide free delivery on all orders over $110 (ends 31st May) Visit to our online shop http://bit.ly/2Qymxnj
  3. Oh that awful crushed box. I shown that photo to the guys from post office. They were impressed too.
  4. Dear friends! We at the Proper Plane decided to arrange a small spring sale and make a special offer for you. Anyone who buys a set consists of propeller (single or with REXx exhaust), Continental 760x100 wheels and Proper Plywood Decal will get a discount 10%. The special offer relates to German propellers: Niendorf, Heine, Axial for Mercedes and Axial for BMW 160/180/200 HP engine. Offer valid from now until May 20
  5. Dear friends! Let we have the honor to join to the major league of companies which offers best decal - Aviattik, Uschi van der Rosten, HGW and introduce you a set of wood grain decal. We do hope you like them! This decal has a transparent background and was developed in co-operation with Dave Douglass - a famous artist which widely known as Albatros and other planes researcher. Set of decals containing 4 sheets with 4 wood textures. Fits the 32th scale but also can be used in the 48nd. To make an order visit to online store www.ProperPlane.com
  6. Dear friends! We are delighted to announce the release of our new Axial propeller to complement the Benz Bz.IV engine. We recommend this propeller and hub set as a suitable replacement for the Wingnut Wings model of the LVG C.VI (32002 options A,D,F,G), and any other aircraft installed with the Benz Bz.IV aeroengine. The propeller is hand carved from laminated veneers. The scale appearance is accurate in appearance to the original comprising 9 separate layers of maple and pear wood. The centre hub or “crush plate” is molded in resin and created from 3D CAD models. The propeller has a diameter of 94.5 mm and matches the size of the kit part. It has a beautiful satin lacquer finish, giving an ultra smooth surface finish, and correctly balanced. We recommend leaving the propeller as it is although an aged and weathered appearance can be created by airbrushing a light coat of Tamiya clear yellow/ brown mix on top. To order please visit our site https://properplane.com
  7. Hello friends! Today we decided to tease you with our new project - a Continental 760x100 resin wheels. They are compatible for 1/32 scale models of different german planes - Albatros, Fokker D.VII, Pfalz and Roland. We are expecting they will be available in March 2019. https://properplane.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=114
  8. Dear friends! Another two Proper Plane sets Prop And Pipe with Niendorf are released and available for order on our site Prop & Pipe for Junkers D.1 with Niendorf Prop & Pipe for Albatros D.V with Niendorf
  9. Here there are Proper Plane Behrend und Ruggebrecht for German heavy bomber AEG G.IV. They are the same but they made of different wood and coated with the clear (non colored) lacquer. Which of them do you like more. Darker or Light. Please write in comment. Thank you!
  10. The very black Friday is coming! -10% for black Prop & Pipe box -10% for Roden kits Free shipping for orders over $110 Limited stock
  11. Dear friends! Today, on the anniversary of the end of the Great War, we announce that orders over $110 will be sent worldwide for free. Let's remember the pilots, no matter on whose side they fought for. Let every your model reminds to your descendants about heroism of that deeds. To make an order please visit our site www.properplane.com
  12. Hello, friends! We are glad to show you a pair of wooden propeller for Fokker Dr.1 in 1/32 - Axial and Heine. These propellers for rotary engine are smaller than the props for Mercedes and has other shapes. To make an order, please visit to the site www.properplane.com. Have a good day and happy modeling! Your Proper Plane
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