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  1. Thanks for the link, Fooesboy. I had copied the instructions from that site a couple of years ago. I forgot it had so many photos in it. I also just learned how to reload the ones that weren't showing up, so I'm going to be referencing those a lot. I've never done a WIP before, but I was thinking of doing one. I have a feeling this is going to be a loooonnnngggg drawn out build. Right now I'm making a parts list (1096 so far) to include what step the part is actually used in. A part might come in box/step 2, but not actually be worked on again or used in an assembly until many step
  2. Thanks for the tip, Nick. I was able to get through to the modelspace moderators, but had no luck. They said that instructions for the Zero are no longer available. Guess I'll have to try plugging away with the Japanese instructions. Thanks for all of the input, guys. I really appreciate it. Jim
  3. Sorry for the slow response, cbk7. I did see a few videos on youtube, that were mainly the commercials for when the kit originally came out. It's been a while since I looked for them on youtube, so I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the suggestion. Mac
  4. Out2gtcha, I tried that but haven't heard back from them. Thierry, I"ll give that a shot. I'll have to steal, umm, LIBERATE my Daughter's phone. I'm old school and don't own one. Thanks for all of the input, guys. I really appreciate it. Jim
  5. Rafju, thanks for sending the link. Unfortunately, that's the post from the website I thought was from this site. While the instructions from his build are helpful, I'm really in need of the official English version. He skips a lot of the smaller details in his build, that I'm sure are covered in the DeAgostini instructions. The Japanese instructions are good, but my Japanese and especially my Kanji reading ability aren't good enough to pick up everything from the instructions. Thanks, Rotju and Out2gtcha for taking the time to try to help me out. I appreciate it. Jim
  6. Hi, I'm in desperate need of English instructions for the DeAgostini 1/16 Zero. I've looked all over the internet and haven't had any luck except on one site (here?). A gentleman had started a build post on that site and included a rough translation for many of the steps. Does anybody know of a source for the official DeAgostini English instructions? I have two of the complete kits with only Japanese instructions. I'd like to build as an A6M2-21 per the kit. The other one I'd like to modify as either an A6M2-N Rufe or as an A6M3-22. Any help would be greatly
  7. Hi John,


    I'm getting ready to tackle the 1/16th Deagostini & was wondering if you can tell me where you got the English instructions. I live in Japan, so getting from a source here was a no go. I've tried the internet as well & haven't had any luck.


    Did you ever finish your model?




    Jim MacDonald

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