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  1. Thanks to all for the kind words - on to the next one!
  2. I started this build almost three years ago and it sat on the bench for a long time with about 90% of the construction completed. I finally gathered the mojo to finish it and it was a lot of fun - my first 1/32 109 and definitely not my last! I added the following aftermarket: * Synthetic Ordnance Works main gear legs * Eagle Editions drop tank * Barracuda Studios prop and spinner, exhausts, intake, oil cooler scoop, wheels * Quickboost Revi 16B gunsight * HGW fabric seatbelts * Master barrels and pitot tube Painted with Mr. Color l
  3. I managed to finish up yesterday and get some photos taken...more are posted over in Ready for Inspection.
  4. Today I attached the gear doors, drop tank, and propeller/spinner. The drop tank was weathered with a combination of oil and enamel washes. I also started some localized chipping and staining on the fuselage around access panels and hatches. Much more to go but it's a good start.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I use a Nikon D5300 DSLR and cheap studio lights with 5500 lumen bulbs from Amazon. Normally I shoot in Aperture mode and use a tripod and remote to prevent any blurring associated with camera shake. I have a couple of vinyl backgrounds (white, graduated blue, graduated gray) that I picked up from B&H Photo here in the US. Occasionally I'll do some post-processing in Adobe Photoshop Elements for things like sharpness or to crop the size. The most important thing I learned a couple of years ago was setting the white balance of your camera for the type
  6. She's got legs...and knows how to use them. This was a major accomplishment today - getting the landing gear and wheels attached. All of the geometry associated with the gear legs and wheels of the 109 makes it difficult to get everything lined up and looking good. I used Synthetic Ordnance Works outstanding resin/wire replacement gear legs and wheels from Barracuda Studios. I'll work on the gear doors tomorrow and hopefully get the prop and spinner mounted as well.
  7. After looking at some more references, I thought I could probably make the prop blades look a little more realistic. So, here's take two. Much better I think.
  8. I've been messing around with the prop and spinner trying to capture the eroded paint look and think I found an acceptable solution. After studying reference photos it appears there was significantly more erosion/chipped paint on the back of the propeller surfaces than on the front. With that in mind, I used Tamiya XF-16 Flat Aluminum enamel paint applied with a sponge, concentrating more on the leading edges. The nice thing about the enamel (over an acrylic lacquer base) is that "mistakes" can easily be erased with a brush dampened with mineral spirits. Overall, I was pretty happy with the re
  9. Thanks! Yes, the bottom is finished in half black/half white.
  10. Decals are complete and weathering has started with a panel line wash from Ammo by Mig.
  11. I recently finished Eduard's new 1/48 Spitfire Mk. I as a pre-war aircraft from RAF Squadron No. 54. Excellent kit all around. I used Eduard Brassin exhausts and a LOOK pre-painted instrument panel. Decals are from Iliad Designs Pre-War Spitfire sheet and paints are from Mr. Color and Mr. Paint. A full build review will appear soon in TMMI.
  12. Painting is pretty much complete and now it's time for decals for the stencils and a few of the remaining markings that I wasn't brave enough to try and paint with masks.
  13. I posted the same photos earlier today on my FB page and a fellow modeler pointed out that I had the scallops reversed and a little too high up on the leading edge. So, because it would have driven me nuts, I repainted them.
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