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  1. Below are some snaps of Elan13 Miniatures new release. 'Are you going to throw that?' Luftwaffe pilot and dog WW2. 1/24th scale (75mm). Sculpted by Robert Lane, Prie £20.00 Box art by Edward Sage. Available from the website now.
  2. Thanks to Coogrfan for the link to the Elan13 Miniatures US Navy Pilot. We also Have a Fleet Air Arm figure for the Hellcat in 1/24. Both figures are £20 each and are available from the website http://www.elan13.co.uk
  3. I have now received the box art photos for the FAA Pilot from Mike Butler in New Zealand Both pilot are now available on the Elan13 Miniatures website. I hope this series of posts was of interest to LSP members.
  4. Here is the new 1/24th scale FAA pilot designed to go with the new Airfix Hellcat. More pictures are available on the Elan13 Miniatures site www.elan13.co.uk Sculpted by Robert Lane Painted by Mike Butler
  5. Hi Max, This is one of the resin castings painted by Edward Sage. He does most of the painting for the box labels for me. The FAA figure is currently being painted by Mike Butler in New Zealand.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not currently planning a seated version but could be persuaded if there is enough interest.
  7. After a long delay, here Is the first of the finished pilots. US Navy pilot, painted by Edward Sage. This figure is now available. I'm waiting for the box art for the FAA Pilot to arrive from New Zealand.
  8. Here is the first of two pilots we are producing for the new 1/24 Hellcat release by Airfix. US Navy/Marine pilot in flying gear. Resin kit Sculpted by Robert Lane Box Art Edward Sage Available from the Elan13 Miniatures website Price: £20.00
  9. New from Elan13 Miniatures German Two-seater crew WW1(1/32 scale) Pilot and Observer; as a set or singly. Available on the website now. Single figures £14.00 Set of two figures £22.00 Sculpted by Robert Lane Box art by Edward Sage
  10. Elan13 Miniatures New Release. Italian pilot WW1 1/32 scale Sculpted By Robert Lane Box Art by Edward Sage Available on the website now £14.00 Trade enquiries welcome
  11. Tim, at the moment the scanning isn't happening, but I will look into it further. However, more 1/32 RAF/FAA figures are planned.
  12. A quick Smudgysnapovision update on the 1/24 (75mm) Hellcat pilots. Below are some snaps of the castings, produced in the usual excellent way by MDP. Examples have winged their way to New Zealand and Hove for box art magic. Full release date is still on track for May. (Though I may have the odd pre-release at shows where the Elan13 Miniatures roadshow is in town.)
  13. Tim, Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend my club meeting. I will email my friend about 3D scanning this week.
  14. Hellcat Pilots build log. Part: The Last (sculpting) Things have advanced since part 4 and the final set of smudgy snaps show the two pilots primed and awaiting their final checks before heading off to sunny Newport for the Welsh Wizard (and Tom) at MDP to perform their moulding and casting magic on them. The Fleet Air Arm pilot now has two fleet air arms and his parachute has been added, carried over his shoulder. There were no real problems with this stage of the process. The US Navy pilot (who looks rather grumpy!) had to have his legs altered ( possibly why he looks grumpy) and straps amended to match up with the strapping of the parachute that he is wearing. For both figures the extra additions were sculpted in Magic Sculp or Duro both from Sylmasta. Although it seems I am well on target for having both these pilots finished in time for the proposed May release of the Hellcat by Airfix, things will actually be tight. Moulding and casting has to be done. Boxart and photographing has to be completed and resin castings boxed ready to be dispatched. I'll keep all of you loyal readers (optimistic use of plural here) informed of how things are going.
  15. Max I'm afraid both the FAA and US Navy pilots will be in Newport on Tuesday in the queue to be cast into resin at MDP.
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