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  1. Nice scratch building. Saving for future reference.
  2. I guess I need to say I have 2 airbrush comptessors. One is an tankless that runs till you turn it off that I have owned 30+ years and one irecently got that is a 2 piston compressor with.a one gallon tank. The new one puts out about the same cfm as my bigger compressor
  3. I can use both of my paint guns with the compresser I have but the it runs the entire time I'm spraying. It gets really hot and starts pulsing. I think the one I have puts out 2.0 to 2.5 cfm and was pretty cheap.
  4. I have one like that I have never used mostly because 8cfm takes a compressor with some horsepower to push that much air and I don't have one.
  5. That's the prototype of the super secret reverse flying f4. It could stop in flight and reverse direction.
  6. I have a question since we are talking about paint. I have some model master metallized aluminum lacquer I would like to use on an airplane model. It's been so long I can not remember what I used to clean the airbrush. What do i need to use?
  7. I have a small pull saw that would be the ticket. Since the tires are pretty flat the line is pretty straight. I do have to say your jig looks pretty good
  8. I have a small pull saw that would be the ticket. Since the tires are pretty flat the line is pretty straight.
  9. I have done something like this before.It will sound confusing till you a wheel and try it because I know how it works but have issues describing it. Draw a line centered on the center of the tread. Mark how many treads you want and and divide the center line with that amount. Draw a line from one of those marks perpendicular to the tire center line and ending at the edge of where the tread will to be. Divide the edge of the tread to the same amount of marks. Now all you need to do is draw a line from one of the side marks threw one in the tread center and over to the other side. With this
  10. Very nice. Saving this for future reference
  11. Wow what a model.Keep the building coming. I'm waiting now for mine to come in. Any advise on building this one for someone just now getting back in to modeling?
  12. [quote name="ClumsyDude" There you go Kenny ... I can't face going through the whole thread and updating the image links, but if there are bits of the build you want to see, let me know and I'll post the individual bits. If you want to see the whole lot, I'll upload them to Imgur and post a link to the album. Cheers Jim I have been following this build so these pictures are just what I was hoping for. This is an epic build and a great example of what can be done if you put your mind to it. Thank you for posting these pictures. Kenny
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