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  1. Nice job on the Lightning! I have the same kit with all the extras to boot. It’s pretty close to the top of my build list.
  2. Has anyone gone back through the old “Tamiya speculation posts” to see who picked 1/48 “F-4B? Asking for a friend.
  3. So if I mail my friend a package of plastic, does it now require a VAT? ~25% tax seems unsustainable...
  4. I don’t know about a flying rat’s ass but a squirrel-a-pult requires about 16 psi to launch a tree-rat roughly 13 feet...
  5. ...in the Chinese (or where ever they are molded) factory.... Doesn't have to be in New Zealand
  6. Doesn’t the letter say “international” and “overseas”...doesn’t sound like “fake news” at all. Even the response from Testors says US and Canada... So did someone point that out already?
  7. That's right Rick, we now know for certain the plane was orange and green.
  8. Thanks for posting. I didn't realize it was that close to flying. It did seem like the right canopy was open for the flight (ref: 2:24 and 2:50 in video). Is there a mechanism that opens both at one time?
  9. So you're saying the kit has fit issues... See where this goes? So if Tamiya is "above average" then does that make everything else just average or below average? I think it's semantics really. I have the ZM 229 kit and I think it's great. I'm glad its part of my collection. My problem is I'm just an average modeler so any kit that is better than an Airfix kit is lost on my skills. I look forward to seeing your Ki 45 when its done.
  10. You’re close Darren. He’s an amazing modeler so I’m sure our definitions of “average” vary a bit.
  11. A friend picked one up in Japan a couple of weeks ago and is already building. He said that the kit is packed with sprus and once he started building it that it needs a "ton of cleaning up." Lots of ejector pins in some really tough-to-get-to spots. On par with the 335 and 229, but an average kit. The best part is you can build any long nose variant from the box and it comes with all the parts in grey (duplicates of the clear).
  12. These post are fun...I like to see the differing opinions on how and why the AF does things...
  13. It was fun to meet the group for sure. It was cool to put the faces with the names...err...online handles... CANicoll made me laugh when he explained the meaning! I always just said "can-e-coal"! Big shout out to BiggTim for the t-shirt effort. Lots of fun for sure and I got to meet a modeler/historian I've admired for a long time (David Weeks). I even got to meet Zactoman...even though he was just looking for Kenny... Unfortunately my two LSPs only came in 4th and 5th out of three...
  14. ...or is it reasonable to think someone could just build a new one if it's such a “holy grail.†We all know it's been done with other WWII airframes...
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