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  1. Episode 2 James May's Big Trouble in Model Britain Episode 2 of 2 The concluding episode of the series, introduced and narrated by model train enthusiast James May, follows Hornby’s new management team in a desperate attempt to save the company. In this episode Ken, head of audio development, is sent on a top-secret mission to capture the sound of a steam locomotive for its potential use in a brand new model. Simon Kohler, Hornby’s number two, tries to rejuvenate the tired Scalextric brand name with a flashy new advert, but there is a problem: with the company strapped for cash, the budget is miniscule and it will have to be made entirely with in-house staff. Meanwhile, the company takes on its first female product designer, Caitlin Williams. Fresh out of university, Caitlin is put on the Scalextric design team and we go behind the scenes to see what it takes to produce her first car. In the climactic finale, we see Simon take on two of his biggest rivals as Hornby’s 2019 range includes two products that have the competitors fuming, leading to a dramatic showdown.
  2. Do you not think they would throw it open to more than one to build, simply to cover their bases?
  3. I enjoyed it too, it makes the release of the Hellcat a savvy move, most US modellers will want to buy US aircraft rather than the likes of Spits or Mossies or Typhoons, stuff some of them may never heard of, but a 1/24th Hellcat has to be a winner over the pond amongst the general model builders, and that drives sales. I cannot fathom out how anyone thought it was a clever idea to destroy the tooling for their past kits, that is like cutting ones own legs off at the knees.
  4. A two parter https://airfix.hornbynews.com/2DJZ-1DRDI-2AQAZC-V83UF-1/c.aspx
  5. https://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/star-wars.html
  6. It looks like they took the top off an F-16, the arse end off an F-18, glued all of it to the top of a boat, then sawed the boats nose off to let the air in.
  7. The flypast https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47323045
  8. The “Mi Amigo” flypast, led by a sole F-15 is tomorrow (22nd Feb) at 8.45am. The aircraft expected to take part in this historic event include F-15’s, Typhoons, Ospreys and a Dakota but will be dependent on the weather. The aircraft have been marked with the names of the Mi Amigo crew. The BBC will be broadcasting live from the park from 6am to 9.15am on Friday, and visitors are encouraged to arrive at the park anytime from 7.15am. A memorial service will take place from 8am, with a Bugler playing one verse of Amazing Grace. There will be a reading from St John’s Gospel by a Royal British Legion and a bugler will play the Last Post and Reveille, followed by the flypast at 8.45am. The best viewing area will be in the large field close to the Endcliffe Park café, where a big screen will be set up to relay events to the crowd.
  9. https://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/snow-powders.html
  10. https://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/insta-sno.html
  11. I use this stuff and very good it is, see all the links and some excellent guides on utube https://www.precisioniceandsnow.com/ Work in Hand T34-1 by Tony Taylor, on Flickr Work in Hand T34-3 by Tony Taylor, on Flickr Work in Hand T34-2 by Tony Taylor, on Flickr
  12. These had ended but you could ask the seller if he has any left Jetstream 1/50 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Desk-display-Aircraft-space-models-Plane-1-50-Jetstream-J41-Resin-Blank/352476152953?hash=item5211374479:g:dLYAAOSwSudcHjJT 100 scale 737 400 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-100-Space-Models-737-400-Blank-Resin-With-Stand/173636890102?hash=item286d90adf6:g:CWgAAOSwqeVbzbdY
  13. Go on ebay and search space models you can pick up some of their products not built or finished, they are the travel agents models etc, how about a 1/48 scale HS 125 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Desk-display-Aircraft-space-models-1-48-early-HS-125-Exec-Jet-Resin-Blank/352565210142?hash=item5216862c1e:g:pPYAAOSws~VcNyl6:rk:12:pf:0 100th scale 787 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Space-Models-1-100-787-8/183437176389?hash=item2ab5b52e45:g:wnMAAOSwS9Bbnkjl:rk:19:pf:0
  14. From Tuesday's NOTAMS FORMATION TRANSIT BY FAST JET MILITARY AIRCRAFT ROUTING : 523849N 0003304E ( MARHAM AERODROME ) 1300 524033N 0003410E ( VICINITY OF NARBOROUGH ) 1305 523815N 0000539W ( VICINITY OF THORNEY ) 1311 524844N 0003320W ( VICINITY OF MORTON ) 1313 524358N 0003911W ( COTTESMORE ) 1315 524107N 0004430W ( VICINITY OF OAKHAM ) 1316 523347N 0005709W ( SHANGTON ) 1318 523106N 0011243W ( BROUGHTON ASTLEY ) 1320 523652N 0013020W ( SHEEPY MAGNA ) 1322 524343N 0014337W ( ALREWASMEMORIAL ARBORETUM ) 1324 524945N 0020600W ( STAFFORD ) 1326 523824N 0021920W ( COSFORD AERODROME ) 1329 523441N 0023247W ( VICINITY OFMUCH WENLOCK ) 1330 524737N 0024005W ( SHAWBURY AERODROME ) 1333 531335N 0025933W ( SEALAND ) 1338 530329N 0042632W ( CAERNARFON BAY ) 1348 531453N 0043207W ( VALLEY AERODROME ) 1350 534442N 0025301W ( WARTON AERODROME ) 1426 534833N 0024802W ( VICINITY OF CATFORTH ) 1427 534627N 0023401W ( SAMLESBURY ) 1429 545436N 0024439W ( HAYTON ) 1442 550133N 0023607W ( SPADEADAM ) 1443 550301N 0023313W ( BERRY HILL ) 1444 544300N 0020153W ( BOLLIHOPE COMMON ) 1449 541732N 0013206W ( LEEMING AERODROME ) 1455 541219N 0012253W ( TOPCLIFFE AERODROME ) 1456 540256N 0011514W ( LINTON ON OUSE AERODROME ) 1457 533820N 0003647W ( WINTERTON ) 1503 532213N 0002532W ( NEWTON BT TOFT ) 1506 531000N 0003125W ( WADDINGTON AERODROME ) 1509 530626N 0004132W ( STAPLEFORD ) 1510 530134N 0003923W ( BRANDON ) 1511 530149N 0002906W ( CRANWELL AERODROME ) 1512 530536N 0001004W ( CONINGSBY AERODROME ) 1514 532330N 0000445W ( NORTH ELKINGTON ) 1517 532859N 0001338E ( VICINITY OF DONNA NOOK ) 1519 530531N 0002633E ( OFFSHORE SKEGNESS ) 1524 525152N 0001532E ( VICINITY OF HOLBEACH ) 1527 523150N 0002349E ( SOUTHERY ) 1531 523849N 0003304E ( MARHAM AERODROME ) 1545 BTN VALLEY AND WARTON FORMATION WILL CLIMB TO CONDUCT AAR IN AREA 13 ( VICINITY OF MORECAMBE BAY ) UNDER A RADAR SERVICE WITH SWANWICK MILITARY.
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