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  1. Got it downloaded and added to my KLP library. Another great collection of build correction/aftermarket additions to build a great aircraft! Oh and then Chuck shows you how to do a flawless black paint basecoat for your NMF.... How to work with HGW rivets and the tools he uses to build this show winner! I've said it before for the price of a magazine you can have a wealth of information at your finger tips! Great work Kevin and Chuck!


     Not a jet kind of guy... I now own two Hasegawa 104's with numerous aftermarket accessories and a Trumpeter F-105G for good measure. Chuck you are a bad influence! 


    Cheers, Dan






  2. 7 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:


    Thanks, Dan. Maybe I should put the price up!




      When you consider most magazines are around $10 and full of adds, your books are 200 plus pages of detail and techniques and no adds. They are always on your computer, you can print a few pages for reference if you need them.  And you don't have to scan through pages of comments for info...:)



  3. Outstanding build thread! Thanks for the in-depth explanation of all your processes, especially in the paint area. Lots of great information. These century series jets are my favorites. I did pick up a Hasegawa F-104G/S on Ebay, it came with the Black Box pit and an Eduard interior etch set for $30. I also got the Daco book from Sprue brothers. Plan on starting it this summer....


    Are you and Kev going to do a book on this build?


    Thanks, Dan

  4. 1 hour ago, wunwinglow said:

    No plans, but the Wingleader publication on the Spitfire 1 is an excellent run down of the changes, when they happened, why they happened, lovely big photos of the mods, colour profiles very good reference for any Spitfire 1 project.   www.wingleader.co.uk , Photo Archive Number 1 is the book you want.


    No commercial links, just a very happy customer, and perfectly times as my granddaughter, aged 5, bought me an Airfix Spitfire for Christmas ! Looks like I might actually have  to finish a model!

     Thanks for that lead. That book looks great! I went to order it but the postage was a bit on the crazy side, I'll look for one on this side of the pond. I do have a Valiant wings Spitfire book on the way, that may get me somewhere. 



  5. Thanks Thierry,

     I've picked up an 1/24 Airfix Spitfire and wanted to check shapes on her. This is my first venture into 1/24 scale, kind of easy on the eyes at my age. :) In the little research that I have done the Mk.I is a bit confusing with all the changes/upgrades. It's just going to be fun build so close will be good. I'm learning the issue with plans and details on my Defiant. :blink:

     I'll see if I can find the Cox plans.


    Thanks again,


  6.   In my search for a Merlin XX for my Boulton Paul Defiant in 32 scale I found two folks on Ebay selling separate sprues. One had the Lancaster engine sprue and the turret sprue and another had the Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire engine sprue and the engine bearer sprue.:clap2:


     May be worth a look if you are needed spares, they have pages of kit sprues....:shrug:


      Ebay sellers: Parts plus palace and Scottharv1



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