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  1. You are more than welcome, thanks for the comments and for looking in.
  2. Just to answer your question dodgem, i used the amazing four volumes from classic publications for references plus i corresponded with the pilots of both these planes. If you have the classic publications books then there is nothing further you could possibly need as far as references go. thanks for looking and your comments.
  3. Here are the finished models. First up is yellow 1 being prepared for towing by a Kettenkrad. Red 6 is having the guns checked and an engine change
  4. Detailing or rather rebuilding the undercarriage. Wheels are from mastercasters Detailing a trumpeter engine Those are the last of the build photos. NExt up will be pics of the complete models.
  5. Forgot to tell you that i filled all panel lines with putty and roughly sanded them since it was done that way on the real planes. All panel lines except places which were continuously accessed like the gun bay and engine panels were puttied in to reduce drag.
  6. Engines and wings next. The engines are from Trumpeter kits. They were mated to the hasegawa wings. The leading edge slats are made from sheet aluminium. The engine to wing fairing is made of milliput One of the planes will have a missing engine. A new one to be fitted in its place. At last it all goes together, fuselages mated to wings. The stressed aluminium effect can be seen in this photo
  7. What a beautiful huge beast. Amazing work!
  8. On to the gun bay And the painting begins All NMF painted with Testors metallizers using a brush. I found out that you get a better result and its less susceptible to coming off at the slightest touch. Sealed with future. And that's it, all closed up
  9. Outstanding realistic work truly awesome. The surface detail is totally amazing
  10. OK thanks I think in that case i will continue with the build. Works on the cockpit next. All the white plastic is my work, the cream resin is from Jerry Rutman and green parts are kit parts.
  11. Yes Kev you are correct. Sorry about that. I will just wrap it up with a few pics of the finished work if this is a repetition. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. The model in that photo is not my work Kevin. These two 262's are a far cry from the first two i had built. These were taken to a whole new level of detail and accuracy. Thanks guys for the comments and for looking in so here is some more work: That's all the wheel bay detail done, next up is the cockpit.
  13. WOW! Fantastic finish especially the area where the metal effected by the heat.
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