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  1. Really impressive work, that cockpit is looking fantastic. I was thinking of getting the Brassin cockpit set for a Spitfire mk2 build but i'm a little hesitant now!
  2. I'm coming along on the Sunday - To be honest although i've been regularly visiting LSP i've not built anything of my own for ages now. I'm hoping a visit to Telford will kick start the mojo back into action. Would be nice to meet up with some of you guys, in years past i have visited but never actually met up with anyone.
  3. Welcome! I'm looking forward to following along, you will enjoy the P51 - Its a great kit and lovely to build.
  4. Just lately i've been bitten by the bug to build some WW1 aircraft, and to hopefully restore some long lost mojo. I was in my local modelshop and saw the CSM Nieuport, fell in love with the sprues and took it home with me. Has anyone here built one and can advise if there are any issues/things to be aware of when building it? I've never rigged anything before but the rigging looks pretty simple to me. But ask me again when i've attempted it haha! I've also added a WNW Sopwith Camel to the stash, and whilst i'm tempted to start with that the slightly more complex rigging is making me think maybe leave it till ive built the Nieuport. Cheers!
  5. Awesome job, the paint work is amazing - Very nice!
  6. Very true! lack of mojo and lack of spare time has done it for me, i find weeks can go by without me even thinking about building something. But i think the mojo is returning, there's a Revell Spitfire in the stash that i'm sure is very quietly calling out to me whenever i walk past..
  7. I'm here..... Usually check in every few days to check things out, but not built anything for a while. hopefully that will change soon enough.
  8. That is insanely good, and certainly different. Thanks for sharing. nick
  9. Just caught up with this build Andy, fantastic stuff!
  10. Looks great, would love to be able to have a go at it but i think the photo etch would defeat me. Wonderland models have it listed at £135, and in stock from the 15th April. Nick
  11. Excellent work Rob, i love the paint finish - looks great.
  12. Hi chaps, i've been quietly beavering away at it, i don't get a whole lot of spare time but nonetheless i have made a bit of progress. The bulk of the tractor unit is now built, the winch (which is a complete kit in itself!) is now done, as is the a frame and tyre changing crane (not pictured, i forgot to add it lol). All thats left now are the lights, tools and a few other small fixtures and fittings. Still really enjoying the build, it's a hell of a lot of work and easily my most demanding one yet - The Tamiya 1/32 Zero is nothing compared to this.. haha. The fit of everything is perfect, typical Tamiya. I'm now starting to think ahead to how i'm going to display it, it will be big as the finished wagon is 20" long and i intend to have a few other bits and pieces too. Thanks for looking, Nick
  13. Thanks Phil Yep, i reckon you need one, it's a great kit. I wish i was a better builder to be honest so i could do it justice,there are some fantastic builds of this kit on the net. But i sure am having fun with it, although it is a very very involved build. I should have another update fairly soon, been working on it tonight and it's slowly coming together. Nick
  14. Thanks mate. Yes i agree, maintaining these things would have been pretty full on i reckon. Especially as you say those drive chains. I'm a motorcycle tech by trade, so i've seen how quickly a chain can stretch and wear on something like a Hayabusa - The chains on the Dragon must have taken pretty much constant maintenance, especially given the conditions. From the little i've found written about these on the net it seems it was the front axle that gave the most trouble, it just couldn't cope with the weight of the armoured cab, hence why they introduced the lighter cab. Also, the armoured cab wasn't needed as much as they thought it would be, i guess they weren't hauling tanks and equipment in the line of fire as much as they had anticipated?
  15. Not had much time lately what with work and the band i'm in doing more and more gigs, but i have been plugging away. The cab interior is now done. I can imagine these things got fairly dirty and grimy given the conditions they were used in and that the crew pretty much lived in them, so i've tried to make it look dirty without going over the top. Mostly by using dark washes and pastels which seems to work better for me than airbrushing different shades. I can only apologise for the poor quality photo's, my DLSR has been loaned out and the camera on my phone is terrible... Then it was on to fitting the cab. So far smooth sailing, at times it is fiddly but being Tamiya everything goes together well. I've lost count of the number of times with Tamiya kits that you look at the handful of parts in your hand and wonder how the hell they will go together.... Then you look at the instructions and boom, it falls together. They really are an excellent company, and why i spend the extra cash. So next up is adding the armoured shutters, lights, tools, etc etc to the cab, then i can start work on the rear winch, 5th wheel and exhaust (and all the other bits) behind the cab. This is the most indepth kit i have built so far, i thought the Tamiya zero and P51's were time consuming - They are nothing compared to this!
  16. I enjoyed it. I can see how some people wouldn't, as mentioned its a bit marmite - you will either love it or hate it. A couple of eyebrow raising moments for me but on the whole i thought it conveyed the atmosphere very well, the sound track definitely helped. I consider myself lucky that films such as this are still made, even if not perfect it still beats the hell out of a romcom or (yet another fast and furious...)
  17. Nick32

    New Guitar

    Paul that's a stunner! Mike, i've often thought about getting a Variax, one of the bands i play in does classic rock covers and it would sure be handy having the versatility of a Variax, in particular the 12 string. I use a 2016 Gibson Les Paul, a Gibson Explorer and a ratty old partscaster Telecaster that i've had for years. Nice to see some guitarists on here too!
  18. Nick32

    New Guitar

    That's a beaut of a guitar, nice one! One of these day's i'll add one of these to my collection. I've played a few and always been impressed with them.
  19. Excellent build, don't see too many in that scheme. Nice!
  20. Thanks Kevin, i'll see if i can track a copy down. Nick
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