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  1. Good job! Something I'm hoping to do with my 3 year old boy in a few years! Build kits with me!
  2. there is one. I saw images of it built up. My money is still on the 1/24 Revell Huey.
  3. do you have the patterns for the bulkheads on this build?
  4. thanks for the replies guys! Looks like no sirens
  5. That's Radu Brinzan. I have to agree. That hurricane is truly a gem of a build.
  6. Posting a current shelf queen build. Started the kit back in 2016, but got too busy, and the build took a back burner. At the time, the kit was built, and I just need to put together the different parts together plus rigging after. So with the pandemic ongoing, I had time to finish this kit. Anyways, here WIP At the moment, I'm already rigging it, and I'm done! I used 2lb fishing line threaded thru an albion alloy microtube. I made my own eyelets using the fine wire from a small kitchen sieve. :-) At this po
  7. thanks for the tip! am planning to use plasticard to extend the vertical tail.
  8. NOW I REMEMBER! :-) A MILLION THANKS! PS: I also have the SHAR Vacform set. :-)
  9. So, we are still on quarantine here in Manila, Philippines, so I decided to start a build. I have the OLD revell harrier GR1, and I have had this kit for almost 10 years in my stash, along with a resin nose conversion to a GR3. I totally forgot the one who made this, but I want to give a shout of thanks! Anyways, here we go. The resin nose fits perfect, and provides that characteristic look of the snoopy nosed harrier. Generally the Revell harrier is correct in "outline", but requires corrections and added details. Foremost is the exhaust blister fairin
  10. Thanks man! I saw your post! Trumpeter really screwed their kit so bad we can't even use it to correct another kit. :-(
  11. it's too narrow when you mate it to the fuselage. I have one.
  12. Thanks man! I hope to get an idea how big a pill I might be swallowing. :-)
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