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  1. The intakes are almost a drop in fit. Hoping for them tobe released before end of month. Long intake to cast in one piece. Looks like KH intended to make intakes then did not finish that part.
  2. Gone mine today and it looks better than any resin set I have ever seen! Remarkable work!
  3. Posting the finished Mossie I did for the IPMS reviews last month.
  4. Any plans to make an internally detailed engine cowling to show off an engine?
  5. This is the outfit that owns it here in Oklahoma. The have a C-47 as well.
  6. Since I built her as she is today, it has to be straight lines, not as if it was applied with a paint roller..........
  7. Finished a commission build for a future pilot of this aircraft that is finishing restoration near me in Tulsa Oklahoma. Modified the Trumpeter C-47A into a DC3 then C-49. Engines Vector Wright 1820 single row (9 cyl) instead of P&W R-1830 double row (14 cyl) engines (60 parts per engine). Shortened cowling for reduced row engines. Removed upper dome behind cockpit, scratch built tail cone fairing, added rubber brake lines (orange) & steel brake lines. Scratch built interior to match current aircraft and added rib & stringer details. True details wheels, Ultracast props, revised engine air intake scoop and modern antennas.
  8. I wish I painted my roundels like you did, the decals had a rough texture. I used xtracrylix for a gloss based and still had decal issues. Nice build you have there!
  9. One photo shows the kit droop and I flattened them out to match the actual aircraft
  10. Built this for IPMS review. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/us-coast-guard-hh-65c-dolphin-helicopter Rotor droop too excessive Mod so rotor can rotate, kit had very shallow guide, poor design
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