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  1. Post MSIP so late..
  2. The biggest issue of all the late 109’s from Trump is the incorrect profile of the lower cowl. it is far to curved with almost no corners making the nose look far to pointy. A quick comparison of the lower cowl part with any close up nose image shows that off. We need Barracuda or Pastor John to do a new lower cowl. Fix that and it will look far better and cure the pointy nose look and i actually quite like the rest of the 109 from Trump. But that lower cowl lack of corners causes it to look wrong at the front. If you displayed the engine you would hide that issue and the detail etc of the rest of them is very nice.
  3. Was quite impressed by the book. Nice to have a good summary of those countries in it all in one place particularly handy. Hope they go on to do the Japanese etc. Nice review Kev..
  4. Its a great looking set. the F-4EJ’s in the Ocean scheme where fabulous. Like you i have Twobobs but all the extras on this will mean ill grab a few. DXM are doing some excellent stuff..
  5. Mmmm no... Peter Jackson goes where Peter Jackson “wants” to go. If he went where his customers desired we would have a DR1, a fleet of Spads and Nieuports etc. Instead we have incredible Felixstowes, AEG’s none of which would sell anywhere near the number a DR1 or Spads would sell. Peter Jackson releases what he wants and im glad he does it makes it more interesting..
  6. I would rather buy a kit and use my own knowledge and eyes to asses its value. Many reviewers are agenda driven as can be seen daily on youtube. This kit in particular is in the hand lovely and having seen some utter garbage online woukd highly recommend anyone who really likes the B-24 to buy it and make your own mind up. If you dont like it its popularity will mean you could onsell it without issue. The regurgitation of same old anti Trumpeter, Kittyhawk spool being onspread and swallowed without at least looking at the kit is pretty typical these days. Here are two links of what based off my experience with the kit are fair reviews.
  7. Great news! Definitely be in one of these. Definitely...
  8. The 48th PD and the bog nose recon birds. Id love a 32nd big Mig..love...an RBM toting a pile of AS-12’s in camo as a Wild Weasel...mmm love!
  9. So we have a post about people complaining about the lack of good turrets on the HB B-24. Somebody not only responds but goes to the effort to fix them and make them more accurate. Then he is told he cant post about them in the very thread discussing the very issue he solves? If you cant see the irony of that any discussin is pointless. Sure have a post in the vendors forum for those few who visit there but the entire concept of the thread was the discussion aboutthe B-24 turret situation which 109 has kindly resolved for many people. Quite bizarre to not be able to mention fixes in threads on issues...
  10. The Mig-25 goes together beautifully even though at first look the engineering looks craziky complex. They are doing some outstanding stuff...
  11. I think your best bet may be stealing a closed exhaust from a Trumpeter F-14D or B. I think most resin 110’s are all open and the only closed one in 32nd is the closed option in the Tomcat kit. im not sure if the Academy F-16 has a closed burner can someone else might chime in...
  12. What i was referring to was the lower section of the leg which is not internal but external and blends with the plastic main leg. In the first review it looked somewhat undersize in the blend with the upper leg section. So the lower leg looked telescoped where the lower brass meets plastic. In another it almost looked identical radius at the join so was wondering if the shrikage was widespread or was it simulating the shock strut? In another it looked similar in diameter at the lower plastic to brass meet point..
  13. The SAC landing gear is out anyone have one? The brass one released looked in a review far undersize compared to the main gear leg yet another review they looked ok. Interestee to see if anyone has the SAC set yet?
  14. Agree the market now has plenty of grey helicopters where are the Vietnam Cobras adorned with stunning nose art you can weather to your hearts content? When they put out one of those ill buy 4 until then none. Ok maybe one...lol..
  15. Be looking forward to these! great work!
  16. Thanks for the work Dave. i have one coming for a close look. Dmold might be up for a fix on the spine as they already do a soine fix for one kit. Sure someone will do it...
  17. Yep all two seaters but some nice schemes and imagine the F wont be far away!
  18. DXM have a big sheet of Jolly Rogers Superbugs on the way...
  19. One! One! Cmon Tony your a Phantom Phanatic id expect no less than two of each! Lol
  20. I dont believe the posts by Eric etc are condescending at all. If anything they are trying “encourage” people to try rather than insult anyone by some margin. Did anyone pick up an airbrush ever and paint a perfect German mottle on their first go? Ever? Skill is earnt not given. Talent is one thing but no amount of talent ever sent any pilot solo on their first flight. I can guarrantee not trying is a certain way to NEVER improve. If there is no mainstream injected detail set come then the method demonstrated might be our only choice. Having polished many centreline seams on modern fighter canopies realistically can it be any more difficult or critical than a huge line in the middle of a bubble canooy?
  21. Spine has not been fixed on the Revell kit...it still looks nice but you are going to have to round off the square corners on the turtle deck behind the canopy. From some angles it does look very flat but it does have a curve on shots from up close. Revell really overdid the flatness but it looks savable with some heavy duty work with heavy sandpaper. To me rounding the corners a lot will make it ok. Its a pity its in such a visible easily seen location. Take a look through Star Wars Canyon F-18E images as some do look flat and the E has a very different spine to the classic and F directly behind the canopy. Revell kit is well priced so ill pick one up to compare with my Trumpy one which i think has a spine closer to the classic than an E.
  22. What you mean shops that had numerous of them in and no longer have them did what put them out the back? Get serious mate...when shops had kits and no longer do that means they have SOLD.... In the mere 12 months i worked in a large hobby shop i dont remember hiding kits out the back... So when you go in one day and there are 4 on the shelf then there are none left means at “least” 4 sold depending on if they had stock out the back. Its quite easy to determine a kits popularity from shops sales, asking them and seeing how restock goes on sale. Sorry to disapoint you but its selling well unless you dont believe store owners now? You better not believe that according to the same guys the HK Lanc is going well to...
  23. Given the way the kit has sold id say the reverse. An aircraft nobody ever thought they would see for half the price of the competition and selling out everywhere. Funnily enough an oppurtunity exists for someone like HK, Kinetic, Meng etc to put out a B-24 accesory set with multiple turret variants etc for those wanting 100% accuarcy for glass, turrets etc. maybe slide molded? Even Trumpeter mght be conviced with the right contacts. Just not sure it would sell for differences many would not know or care about. You mght get what 25 preorders from modellers here? Guys who would care...if anything its perfect justification for not pumping the base price up for a load of parts that you would never use on a single B-24. I doubt the B-24 would justify multiple boxings of the J to split the extra parts to be model specific. Hence we end up with a great selling generic B-24 at a great price as opposed to a HK specific B-24 that doesnt exist...
  24. Cheers Chek thanks for posting that! Good work on the scaled comparison..
  25. That main gear casting is very undersize and looks like a telescope not a continuous diameter leg. Nose gear looks ok but the main leg looks pretty poor. SAC have done a whole gear leg set to come that looks pretty good if the white metal is not soft. Hope Eduard go all out but not holding my breath..Brassin gear legs would be awesome. Great work on the B-24!
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