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  1. Lol. Ordered two sets then accidently ordered another 2 seater Spad and a pile more Connie stuff for another EC-121. Your shop is a bad place Paul!
  2. Be briliant to see a new tool 1/32 F-14 from the big T. Im not my bank account would survive though!
  3. So your ok with buying aftermarket or sinking many hours to fix the Tamiya ie cockpit, updates, etc kit but you wont buy a far more detailed kit that doesnt need complete rescribing with more options because it needs aftermarket intakes?Im sure ill understand one day but sinking 20 hours into rescribng, adding resin to a 40 year old kit to end up still hours behind the Trump kit in extra work to me doesnt make economic or life sense. We only have so many free hours how much value do you place on yours? I think its something everyone should value in dollars as a rule as to how aftermarket or kits are valued. Good luck with your project....out of interest you can fix the Trump F-14 intakes without resin as well to the point they are not noticable.
  4. Revell Mustangs have been on Ebay for great prices for months. Just get one from there?
  5. Thought about buying one but the differences are so subtle i cant justify the work vs reward. Now if Roy had done a new nose or lower cowl for the Trumpeter 109 fixing that under done over curved lower nose making it look to pointy I would buy 6. Nice review and more nice stuff from Barracuda.
  6. When you get to Osaka make absolutely 100% sure yiu get to the shops in Namba. The Volks there is 6 stories high with floors dedicated to armor, aircraft, ships, sci fi, tools.Makes the Volks in Akihabara look tiny. There are also a huge Tamiya shop. If you get to Kyoto always visit the headquarters of ZM. Been operating in and out of Japan for over 10 years, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo/Narita lucky its only 7 hours from home. Such a great place to visit. Yellow Sub and Volks both had big shops in Akihabara pity they had to move and squash into the new location. Some of the world best beer, foid and scotch and the home of hobbies...you dont really need anything else! Lol..
  7. I actually think these will come in quite a bit cheaper than HK's B-17. HK have very high prices worldwide beung more expensive than say the ZM Do-335 and ZM are not cheap either. Both are considerably more expensive than similar sized Trumpeter kits. Mid to high 200's is where i am putting my money.
  8. Such a pity one of the best 32nd kits of the last 10 years has been completely ignored by both mainstream and the cottage after market industry except for Eduard. The Italeri F-104 has been flooded with resin cockpits, guns, seats and its a tenth as good. Bizarre industry for a kit that has basically sold out 2 different versions..
  9. The Trumpeter 109 comes with a decent starting point engine in 1/32. Having the cowls open hides the lower cowl under curved shoukder issue which makes the nose look to pointy. I am going that route for open engine bay 109's the Trimpeter kits are excellent starting points for that. Not so much for closed cowl unless someone releases a new lower front cowl. Opened up and a little bit of work they are to me the easiest route to a great looking 32nd 109 with cowls opened.
  10. I actually quite like the philosophy. An 1/18th FW-190 packed with detail would be at least as expensive as an Hph kit and might cost more. The only people who are probably interested are newbies/kids and veterans who want to go all out and the detailed kit would not be detailed enough for them anyway. What mainstream modeller wants a huge FW-190? So cater for kids and newbies and leave the vets to detail the blankish canvas to their hearts content. If the do a 262 ill grab one the old resin one that i think was 1/18 was massive hard work and a injected blank canvass with good shapes would be a great start point for a one off center of collection piece.
  11. I wouldn't exactly say Revells re-release of the Fine Molds Xwing, Tie fighter or the 1/72 Millenium Falcon and the use of Economy Edition would go hand in hand.. Rip off edition or gouging version maybe... There is no guarrantee anything Revell releases will be cheaper than its original. I wouldnt be countng my Chickens..
  12. If your considering the 110G conversion the D-3 is ideal. It comes with wing tamks which otherwise need to be attached as resin tanks so it saves you using those. Nice kit dodgy instructions.
  13. With a 1/32 B-24 in the pipline and the P-61 done who is taking bets on a B-26? Or maybe a B-29! Nice to see...
  14. Eduard ones are hghly detailed, Aerobonus do some whch are nice as do Tamiya whch are light on detail but still be ok. Aerobonus or Eduard for me but use Tamiya in a pinch...quite a few options.
  15. Add another to the cant wait list...
  16. Yea not nly massive but lookng at pics it looks fantastic as well. I was super interested in the Concorde but was finally put off by the constrction situation somehow assembling the cockpit in a pre molded fuselage looking a tad crazy. B-36 looks a lot better from that point and rumour of maybe a 32nd B-58 would just be fantastic...Hoh are on a roll...and i think the B-36's are close to sold out...
  17. You really can never have to many HE-219's...
  18. You dont need to buy the sprues for the fuse. You buy an F-15E and an F-15J and you use the front fuse from the E on the J and the front fuse of the J on the E. You end up an F-15DJ and a Confirmal fuel tank fitted F-15C. You need to get some gear parts but they are easier to track down than the fuselage parts. The Fast packs where slightly different shaped but i still havnt seen any photos which show any external shape difference worth losing sleep about. So you get a Japanese Aggressor amd a 57th Iceland based long range interceptor which is a good deal out of the 2 base kits. You need to do a bit more as i said like gear, rear pit panel, rescribing some panels but i think its a great trade off for something different.
  19. GT intakes are excellent and brilliant dealer as well..
  20. Nice review mate. The previous books in the series have all been quite good as have the new WW modelling books. Nice to see..
  21. I have the sheet in 48th and its absolute top quality. Floyd even sent out a correction decal for a rego number mustake on one of the aircraft. Top quality and service.
  22. Just got two in the post from the UK off Ebay. Revell have finally got back to the standard of the JU-88 after its share of issues scattered over most releases. Kit is simply lovely. Well done to everyone on the team who worked on it its thoroughly impressive. Will buy the filleted ail for certain...
  23. On dear EA-6B and an A... So many brilliant paint schemes grabbed this at Red Flag a few years ago... https://photos.smugmug.com/Military-Aviation-Photography/Red-Flag-Nellis-AFB-Mar-2010/i-rjFmVvp/1/06b2acd2/X2/IMG_9419-X2.jpg
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