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  1. Re the price dnt be surprised if it comes out cheaper than expected. When WW first kicked off the Gotha was only 150 way less than what was worth then or now. Consistently he has been prepared until recently to shall we say “subsidize” kit prices. With his movie coming down to insprire our North American cousins that the Lancaster was a very worthy modelling subject and everyone else already knowing it i really wouldnt be surprised to see it for a price below 500US maybe 450 or lower. I mean who doesnt want to build a kit of a heavy bomber flown half way across Europe at 200’ in the middle of the night to drop a bouncing bomb from 50’ over water while being shot at be heavy flak to blow up a dam! Something that today with NVG’s and Low Light TV would be considered dangerous but flown with the Mk1 eyeball 70 years ago i can only be in complete awe of. If he spilts the fuse for aft just in front of the wing the box size wont need to be huge helping with shipping. I am really glad the Dambusters will get the royal treatment.
  2. So WW wont release a DR-1 because Roden have one out that needs half the parts replaced yet will put out a Lancaster with a ripper one from HK about to be released. The HK kit was announced several years ago. Im sure it will be incredible with an incredible price but a DR-1 and Spad would of been far more welcome.
  3. On the bright side Kinetic are going ahead with a 32nd IIIE/O next year. Very much looking forward to that..
  4. So much for being cheaper. Here is Oz its advertised for 14 dollars more than the Italeri boxing. Id be interested to hear from guys in Europe if they think Revells prices have increased since being sold off. There are some pretty impressively high pre order prices on some future Revell kits like the AN-225 among others.
  5. Great book picked it up last week. Beautful art and Cad renders. Best Dambuster book i own...
  6. Great news! Glad to hear Kinetic will go after the Mirage...Italeri’s was Ok but nothing special. The door was left open..
  7. Perfect example of why modern aircraft all have APU’s...
  8. I gave up trying to buy SH stuff years ago. Good as it is its a pointless excercise. You cant buy one letalone 4-6. Pity as the stuff always looked great just impossible to buy, luckily there are very good other products available you can buy... Whats the point in fixing a website or announcements if you can never supply anyone who wants your product? SH’s biggest issue is availability.
  9. Been waiting for these... Great work will be grabbing both!
  10. I think his money woukd of been FAR better spent on a new tool C-130 family than a C-17. To ugly, to big and to me just plain boring. Thats a lot of boring aeroplanes to move to pay off two S-classes before you make a cent... Good luck to him but even Revell sell few 144th C-17’s they sit on shelves for weeks.
  11. Excellent conversion other than the mentioned beaching dolly issues. recommended..
  12. What Gary says. Mmm clear parts plus one coat of gray primer equals grey parts. Primed parts and clear gone in one swoop geez that took a lot of thinking... I mean seriously...... Anyway that Ki45 looks fantastic be in one of those...well two..
  13. The lack of quality molding in the SH kit combined with very rough resin parts is just the start. The molding quality is far superior in the KH. The international rule of convenience ie not bashing resin into a crude fuselage compared to a 21st century tooled kit. Both kits have errors the SH error to my eye is far more obvious than the KH one. Ill take the more complex build over the difference in quality any day. Kevins review sums it up nicely. In short i cant think of one redeeming feature of the SH kit compared to an all in the box, no resin injected kit. When you lay the parts out on the bench and compare them its to me not even a close race. Sorry to the SH kit lovers just my opinion...
  14. Had both SH and Kittyhawk and sold Special Hobby. KH anyday over the SH thing...
  15. Commentary that MVR was “murdering” RFC and other pilots is completely inaccurate as it is misleading to his capability. Aces have been shooting down(as opposed to murdering ie shooting a pilot in a parachute) new inexperienced or incapable pilots since 1914. The rules of air combat as written by Boelcke where written because he observed the mistakes of both his victims and comrades. Aces become aces because they survive which is a feat in its own right given the size of the dogfights and the random chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time which he ie MVR eventually was. The relentless schedule of combat would wear down even the most resillient. The history of air combat has shown any new pilot is at their weakest in the first 10 missions even when highly trained with survivability going up significantly after that. Hence the introduction of Red Flag and other hyper realistic training excercises trying to simulate those first ten missions. how many missions for an under trained barely capable of flying recruit? So aces on both sides took advantage in every war of this inexperience to rack up kill lists the Germans particularly in WW1 and WW2 with no return home program and plenty of cannon fodder being sent up by the RFC in WW1 and Soviets in WW2. MVR was every bit the ace surviving hundreds of missions before fate caught up with him like it has almost every big ace who rolled the dice one to many times. Just surviving that long while involved in so many engagements is testament to that..
  16. People whining on about KH still how surprising. More than happy to see them have a go at a 190. The recent stuff is nice the F-5, SU34, OH-6,T-28... The Blackhawk family look like the will be something special as well..
  17. You cant get one in Tokyo or Osaka. Was in Volks Osaka and Tokyo(Akihabara) this week and its been gone for a while. Picked up a couple of the two seater conversions maybe that might selling so quick will inspire them to bang it out again soon..
  18. Happy to see Tamiya do other things than an F-14 despite how awesome it would be. You can get an amazing result from the Trump kit as demonstrated by numerous guys here. Rob Sullivans a perfect example...as models get better the volume gets louder on problems that are far smaller. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=1241
  19. I'd definitely say its from the A team. Having bought all of Zacto's resin id be happy to say the exhausts are a definite everything thing else is for the perfectionist only. The radome is another easy addon but again its for those keen of eye. Trumpeter have corrected all the missiles and they will be very usable on any Russian 1/32 kit however Zactos are works of art but dimensionally and detail wise Trumps are light years beyond those in the original SU-27. Realistically most of the resin is overkill and other than a seat plus burner cans you will get a stunningly good Mig-29 out of box only the most exactly Mig-29 expert could find the most minor fault with. The Cold War studios K-36 is beautiful and im not sure i will buy any cockpits as the kit cockpit is very nice with plenty of detail fits great and is a great starting point. Now that being said Zactos missile rails are a work of art and its a shame to hide them with his beautiful resin missiles. I have looked at the canopy from 45 angles and still cant see a problem with it and wont be touching mine with resin or vac or anything. The two seater just arrived and the C is about to be released so we are pretty lucky to finally have a great family of Mig-29's.
  20. The concept of money up front ie a small deposit is used in various other fields and a great idea. Numerous decal manufacturers will not risk taking a punt on a run on 32nd decals because they cant afford the loss. I have no oroblem with Ronin(i have plenty of their decals already) askng a deposit in fact others should go down this road. Frequently people sprook on about ordering stuff but never come up with the cash. Maybe this might lead other decal producers to al least air a sheet then see the response then go with a sheet that may never of seen the light of day.
  21. The cws stuff is very high quality loved the K-36 for the Mig-29..
  22. Sorry i cant insert a picture from my Ipad as LSM firum does not support it but its a shot of what they saw when the 219 had its wings off. Its not great quality but think if you will see its pretty easy to see how flat the wing incidence is. I dont have my 219 pics up ths is one i loaded a few minutes ago off my phone. https://photos.smugmug.com/Other/Webposting/i-rrS3rPQ/0/fafa3635/X2/IMG_6854-X2.png The engines and nacelles where easily accesable as well while they where there from every angle imaginable. I have zero issues with the ZM 219. I doubt its perfect but i cant see myself modding one thing on mine.
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