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  1. Love this plane! I've got three of these kits and have no excuses for not building them. Bad mojo be my enemy.
  2. Well if we're wishing and hoping how about a Curtiss P-6 Hawk????
  3. de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth Just wishing
  4. Wow!! I got one in my stash and I think the box art work is worth more then the plastic.
  5. Just spent the last 30 min on google images and could not fine one picture of a built clear Trumpeter SBD.
  6. Really your third project?? Wish my fiftieth try was this nice. Your setting the bar quite high.
  7. Very nice.....now I have to get another WNWs kit dang it!!!!!!!
  8. I bought the first Tamiya f-14A kit in 1981 (or close to it) at a LHS for $79.98 and my wife went Ballistic. I don't care what anyone says about the kit I can't even describe how much joy this build gave me. At the time visible seams meant nothing to me. Bob
  9. Sweet!! I wonder how big the original art work was. Must have quite large to show the rivet detail.
  10. Go to the 36.25 minute mark if you don't want to watch the whole vid. (But I must ask what Spit head would not want to watch the whole thing)???????????????????????
  11. That's impressive work, I'll be lurking in the shadows watching..
  12. If your looking for documentation here you go not a lot text but good stuff. It's 25 Pounds UK, Its got close to 50 great pages of CAD 3D drawings of everything. I'm going to start a 1/8 Hasegawa Camel this winter and the kit needs a lot of improvements. https://www.crossandcockade.com/store/Product.asp?cat=52&id=290
  13. Jack Constant's creations (I shan't call them models) have at the same time and I'm talking about a spit second here inspired me and made me want to quit modeling forever. That being said I wish you (what I'm thinking is going to be about 2-3 years) a most enjoyable time. I will be following your build thread if you decide to go that route. Good luck. Bob
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