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  1. I mean not the Corsair but the british Phantoms...FG1 was the Royal Navy version
  2. I wrote it here many years ago, but I'm missing the century series, F-101/102/106, F/RF-84F, Mirage F1 AND the FG1, FGR2... and concerning the jets much more
  3. Many TNX ...sometimes I believe that in my previous life I was fighting over the European skies....
  4. Yes this is always the fact building the Mosquito (and Beaufighter)....we will see...
  5. Now the wings and stabies are in place.....and I can see how big this beast is!.... but the more I look at it the more my fantasy brings me back in those days....
  6. Talking about dimensions....here's a pic comparison of the wing in the 24th and 32nd scale (Revells Mk IV)....
  7. Danke Lutz,....es hat Nerven gekostet aber ich bin sehr zufrieden.... (thanks Lutz it costed me a lot of nerves but I'm very happy about the results)
  8. the wings fences are too think in the model, so I made them from plastic sheet...
  9. Hi folks, at last after (many) years of waiting, thinking and collecting information I finished the BIG Mig-15bis in the 1:18 scale. This is the well known ready to play model from 21st century toys, that I reworked and I added, I don't know, how many new parts from scratch to make it looking right. Decals are self made. I used bare metal foil and kitchen foil to cover it. It is the MiG-15bis (early) #132 (121032)flown by Capt Nikolay Sutyagin 17th IAP, in June 1951-January 1952. I also have a topic in the works corner (I have to write it to the end...). Sutyagin was considered to be the higher Soviet scorer during the Korean war with 22 victories, but many historians today doubt it...I think we will never get the whole thruth... I hope you like it
  10. Today I closed the fuselage halves together and used some putty to close the minnor gaps... Now many details are starting to disappear, but it was expected...
  11. Thanks guys....It makes a lot of fun building it, but many of this will be disappeared after the two halves connected and the the canopy is on.....
  12. today some work on the left side. Airfix gives here the basics and I had to do some wirring....
  13. Say Mark do you ever know which color the fin of Bannock's Mosquito had? It looks that it's a dark one.....any other pics of his Mosquito?
  14. The Tamiya Mosquito is a great one!.... great build!!
  15. Due to the fact the the Mossie virus got me at last (actualy I'm a chronic patient suffering from the Mosquito fever) and reactivated after persisting in my endothelial cells for ...I don't how many decades.... I 'm posting here some pics of the legendary intruder 418 Sqn RCAF, that borned many aces during the action from 1943-45. You can read more off course in the net or in Osprey book of aces. Enjoy the pics... Bannock and Bruce Kipp's Bkack Rufe Clebeland, Day and Luma, Finlayson Sid Seid and Dave McIntosh
  16. next step is the fuselage side wall... Airfix done a great work here, but some wirring is still missing... It's indeed a typical british (chaotic) cockpit! I add here some switches... some fitting testing (not glue it yet)
  17. Basic calor is Humbrol 78 cockpit green remove the wall beside the instrument panel, it ws not there in real I add some wires behind the panel because you can see them through the access door the maps infront of the navigators legs are printed is scale and are indeed aeronautical maps from Normandy France and Germany!
  18. Hi everyone, It's been a long time ago, that I wrote last time here in the works corner. Now I started at last building that big Mossie, that staying there for years in its box. I spend some years with collecting some extras for that kit, and I will try to make a good one out of it... I will not make any comments about that kit, it's simply big and comes with over 600 parts in the box. So planning is an important thing! The extras I collected are the Aviaology decals for the 418 Sqn Mosquitos (RCAF), decals for the cockpit from Aeroscale, harness for both pilot and navigator and metal barels for the hispano und browning guns from Master. I started with the cockpit where things are pretty well but here and there you will have to add some more wirring and details.
  19. I will post the progress in the work in progress folks...
  20. now I'm posting with chrome...let's see if it works.... (same link as in other forums) only this direct link works [img]https://i.postimg.cc/3N6Gwv4D/271905659-271174475041786-5984115739575511035-n.jpg[/img] [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/3N6Gwv4D/271905659-271174475041786-5984115739575511035-n.jpg[/img][/url]
  21. I only paste the link that postimage gives me for each pic (for forums).... why it works in other formus....???? perhaps I have to change to chrome (this is with firefox
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