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  1. which is the source Griz? any more plans?
  2. this is another point. I have the Trump. Vb Kit. As far as I know for the early IXs the canopy was the same. The front part had in later models no outer armor glas (but intern)
  3. wow, many thanks, it saved my day!
  4. now I have to change also the nose...IX had a longer nose.... *damn*....
  5. yes I couldn't find anything...now I'm curious about the exhausts here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/78YNJKM3M/1-24-p-51-mustang-hollow-exhausts
  6. I found the exhausts for the Merlin powered Mustag here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/78YNJKM3M/1-24-p-51-mustang-hollow-exhausts would that works as well?? I think so...I ordered it now
  7. I got (I thing the last one ever...) the spinner and props for the IX...the heritage Kit is too exp... What about the exhausts for the Mosquito?
  8. say folks where can I find the Spitfire IX exhausts 1:24?? Is there any company producing them ? (Paragon?) TIA
  9. No question ...the NF-104A in 1:18 scale..long time unfinished ..but now finished and unfinished the TF-104G also in 1:18
  10. and I wont forget my uncle Nick who jumped with the 101st over the Normandy... God bless him.
  11. for all those that fought and gave their lives for us to live in freedom...
  12. here's a good pic of an JG300 Erla 109... the serial Nr is also on the fin
  13. Thund I really can't see those bumps .....(It would be wonderfull if it was the 100 Type...so I would have not to change the 1:24 Trump Kit....)....the panel under the cockpit looks flat.... hmmm...
  14. for all those that want to now more about the "cowl Types" of the Erla G10 here are some drawings:
  15. yes the "Type 110" is fiction, I metioned it only to note that this G10 has the flat panel on its left engine side. anyway, it would be great to find some more pics of that ac..
  16. say folks do we have any other pics of Hartmann's last G-10 (Type 110 cowl with small bulges on the wings)? Particularly the last half of that ac? was the camo in the rear half as it is on the profile?
  17. Yes Zotz makes some in the 1:32 ( ZTZ32068 1:32 ) I had no time to look further...
  18. So far as I know Eduard has sets for interior seat and exterior
  19. BUT.... he likes aircraft,,,,,
  20. I have only one Kid at home, but he's acting like 4....
  21. welcome to the ...no-time club.....
  22. yes.... I hope I will build it just that one... (profile Michel Debarre)
  23. for all lovers of the StuG....these are late versions
  24. the german ECRs are in service...but their days are few.... (pics are mine)
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