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  1. Thank you very much.The "Ghost" scheme is the most beautifull.With the same scheme HAF paints also the F-4 Phtantom
  2. After the erasing of the line i used the polishing strick from flory models.I did n't use any varnish on the canopy.
  3. I did nothing!Was clear and shiny from the box!Only i used sandpaper to erase a thin line from the canopy
  4. Thank you all for your comments about my build!
  5. I present to you the well-known ACADEMY kit as a Greek f-16 of 340 squadron by 115 Combat Wing. I used after market materials like as: inerior cockpit,seat belts and mask by EDUARDS wheel bays και wheels by the AIRES landing gear by the SCALE AIRCRAFT CONVERSIONS Engine exhaust GT RESIN static dischargers MASTER Decals by THREE STAR DECALS AGM-65 By FLIGHTPATH The colors I used for the camouflage were: for the fs36307 the GUNZE H324, for the fs36251 the AKAN 77100, for the fs35237 the 72043 AKAN
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