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  1. SAC gear for the 1/48 F-86; and what it is supposed to look like. A plain recast of the kit part, not even close to accurate. That was enough for me to never buy their product, no matter how cheap someone would sell it. Cheers, Tony
  2. They don't need to, at all............ feeling a little entitled, are we???? Tony
  3. You missed my point entirely. No problem
  4. Flyboys and Brown vs Richthofen had absolutely nothing in common other than being an atrocious waste of celluloid. Tony
  5. ringleheim, first photo is of Lothar von Richthofen
  6. US Nats usually offers a tour of a local museum or military installation ('87 DC had a tour of Aberdeen, '17 Omaha had the SAC Museum) and is very contest centered. Telford is very SIG & club centered with the contest almost an afterthought. Telford is way more international(the 'I' in IPMS) due to all the European countries within a days drive. Both have their plusses and minuses about time of year, size of venue, changing locations, etc. Both have lots & lots of vendors. I like both and don't mind the travel to either from the West coast. Cheers, Tony
  7. the only way I can tell a Le Rhone from an Oberursel is the crankcase. The Oberursel has a extra circle of bolts and a plate on the front crankcase vs a Le Rhone Le Rhone; Oberursel; Cheers, Tony
  8. lashings of 'Lyle's Golden Syrup' Tony
  9. USAF Voodoos may have been, but Canadian Voodoos were FS16515(after 1980). Its actually Alumigrip Light Grey AA92-A-312. Tony
  10. are you planning on narrowing the carb intake to a Mk1 width ?? Model On !! Tony
  11. never seen a Malcolm hood on a MK1, no to the drop tanks and no to the ordinance. others may know more Tony
  12. You can also tell by the wingtips, if there is no aileron break, then it is the solid tip of the -40 wing. Two other ways are the straight pitot and it's placement and the lack of wing fence combined with the ammo door being partially covered(6-3 evidence)/ Tony
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