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  1. sorry guys that I havn´t posted any updates. Progress is slow, since life is occupying most of my time. I just figured that all photos here in this thread are gone and the links won´t work. :-( Thats the price you pay if you don´t use a premium photo sharing app. I have to try to work around this and repost the photos in an extra thread or here. Regards Dirk
  2. I havn´t seen the Airfix 1/24 engine for the P-51K. But if I would compare it with the 1/24 P-51D engine from Trumpeter,which one is more accurate? Regards Dirk
  3. ok, more progress. I finally managed to get the interior done. The seat for the rear gunner is in the upward position. Something different. I finally found a good reference photo. Source is unknown. The lower rear gun is still missing, but thats a matter of a few steps. 90 % of the rivets are attached. The ones that are still missing are those that will be added after I glued the fuselage together. Dirk
  4. Quick test with Archer raised rivets and different decal setters. From left to right : Humboldt Decal Cote 2 (bottle is over 10 years old), DACO Decal setter strong, Mr. Mark Softer and Mark Fit. No primer used. On top MRP and on layer matt varnish (Revell). Results look to me all the same. Carrier foil is hardly seen. Dirk
  5. Thx. I need some motivation to keep going. ;-)
  6. I used Perfect Plastic Putty, since its easy to remove with water. So I filled up the rivet holes with that putty, waited 3-5 minutes and wiped the excess of the surface with a moist cloth or q-tip. While doing that, I used a little pressure on the rivets and removed some putty in those holes. That way they were not level with the rest of the surface and a bit recessed. Feel free to ask more questions. But since this is the first time I am doing this, I am not an expert. The final result will tell us if this way I choose is ok.
  7. finished with the one side. The rivets that are still missing, will be added once the fuselage is glued together. Dirk
  8. started to set the rivets. This is the "work" of around 3 hours. Different sizes go down well. I don´t know how it will look once painted, but so far I have a good feeling. Rivets up front (to the right) are flushed not raised. Some horizonzal ones are still missing. Dirk
  9. Built the Fly Model nightfighter in 2016. I also used the engine from the Trumpeter 262. Fitted very good. Enjoy! Dirk
  10. done with filling up the rivets. So, some need to be filled up completly, so I can put those wet transfer rivets on top of them. Others are just filled up until they replicate the flush-riveting in the forward fuselage and trailing edges of the wings. With a bit more sanding it should look ok. Stress effects are very subtle. Dirk
  11. Ok, back on track. Since my plan is to redo all those rivets, I thought its a good time to try out the stressed skin effect. I used a blade #15 and slightly scratched along the rivet/panel lines. Sanding is neccessary, since I filled up the rivets. I tried to get a subtle effect. With paint on it, its hard to see. Anyway. It took my around 30 min, to get one side done. So the other side and the wings...I should be done with this step within the next days (yeah, I also have a job, a wife and a 5yo daughter). And then I will start to add the rivets. Stil working on the
  12. Aaargh...too late. Or, maybe not. Thanks for the info!!!
  13. I thought about that as well. But I realised the wrong angle of the exhaust only after I had the engine fully installed to the fuselage. Trying to prise them off at this stage would have meant to risk doing more damage to those delicate resin parts that cover the whole engine. So, next time I build a Spitfire with these exhausts....I know what to look for. ;-) Regards, Dirk
  14. small side project while waiting for some parts for the TBF-1c Avenger. Cockpit and engine are those brassin parts from Eduard. Spitfire painted with Alclad "Polished Aluminium". Pin-wash was done with clay-based wash from Ultimate. The exhausts are installed in a wrong angle. They point slightly upward. Anyway, fun to build and I learned how to weather Alclad paint...somehow. lol If MJ250 really was in NMF. Idk. Dirk
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