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  1. i have this kit and conversion in my stash. This build has totally changed my plan for building it. Great work!
  2. The sculpting you did on that bung is really impressive.
  3. every one of your updates sends me to the bench to work on something. Very inspiring
  4. That tiger scheme looks like a job for blue tack and lots of it.
  5. “boring “ hardly. Interesting definitely.
  6. your making really good progress on this and doing some great work. It’s motivating me to rescue my tamiya phantom from the shelf of doom.
  7. This looks great. I liked the explination you gave on how you did the cockpit very helpful.
  8. i think your being to modest about your hand painting skills. I have a similar project in the stash so i will be following this thread with great interest. Great job!
  9. I’d buy one of those. Maybe two.
  10. I just started one of these kits myself I will be paying very close attention to this build
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