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  2. And if not the Ju 52, the Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor... A man can dream can't he? (Rendering by Piotr Forkasiewicz)
  3. Ok, so were doing this again? World War II aircraft (technically the Gloster Meteor is WWII too) This would rule out the F4 Phantom + I seem to remember the P-51B being dropped after ZM announced they are working on it? Please no more bombers... My two cents goes on the Junkers Ju 52 (nicknamed Tante Ju ("Aunt Ju") and Iron Annie) And if this would be the case, I for one would be very happy! Kent
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  5. Agreed. Just put it out there. Still waiting for the two-seater Do335. Just sayin’.
  6. A couple of more details to the ceiling, handles/straps... and some lights. Windows/frames, happy it's finally done, it's not my favorite, at all... Kent
  7. Oh yes pleeeze! Me too. A Holy Grail kit. Tony
  8. FWIW I'm all for Plan "A", if for no other reason thank there's a multitude of VF-84 birds out there
  9. Here I present my Roden Fokker Dr.1 (before Meng gets theirs out). This is Josef Jacobs' ride, complete with a Clerget 9B engine (captured from Copper State Models), extra braces on the landing gear, God of the North Wind graphic taken from an enhanced photo of Jacobs' plane, and the cowling is made from aluminum I spun on my lathe. Jacobs' plane was a glossy black, as well. There is a build log on ww1 aircraftmodels.com. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
  10. Seeing where they have put the slot in the WWII category, I’m betting and hoping for a B-26 myself. 2020 is an expensive hobby year for me.
  11. I was able to make contact with him and am good to go. Thank you all for your help, again:)
  12. Nice work - great pair of Mirages!
  13. Splendid job - always been a fan of these yellow nosed 109's - thanks for sharing.
  14. Let me dig through my old emails. It’s been a few years since I ordered anything from him. I’ll see if the emails are the same or not. PM sent with email I have on file.
  15. Thanks Wolf, I think you are going to be correct. It shouldn't be a major issue. I can easily remove those plug and trim the leads so that they are just visible going under the heat shield. Speaking of exhausts, this is an area I don't have much experience in. The Mossie's exhausts are very large and very exposed. If anyone has some finishing tips, I'd be interested.
  16. Sorry, mate, I don't have PayPal myself. Cheers Rainer
  17. I'm in the U.S. and i have a great interest in a Brit Phantom Nick. I suspect a great number of non Brits want to see one in 1/32. Hopefully soon. However, i would be ecstatic if it's a B-26.
  18. I bought Pascal's Rufe conversion as well. The cockpit parts were simply copies of Tamiya's A6M5. I think Eduard had a pretty comprehensive PE set; it may have been for a Hasegawa Zero.
  19. DId they? Oh right, didn't realise. I actually bought a Trumpy P-51 B cheap the other day (yea, yeah I know, it needs to be cheap because it's rubbish lol) I wonder how many outside UK have any interest in the Brit Phantom? Commercially, P-51B is a no brainer. For something larger, the He177. But come on, just end the suspense!! Nick (secretly loving the suspense!)
  20. Didn't they drop the P-51B? I'm hoping for a Phantom FG.1/FGR.2.
  21. The Meteor 4 went into production in 1945. I'm secretly hoping it's a crazy outsider like an F-106 or the long awaited Spey Toom, but suspect it's another B-17 variant or a 3-in-1 Fort with multiple options therein (say, air rescue boat dropper, RAF countermeasures and regular G) or a P-51B. Tony
  22. Darn, I AM old! Get in the way back machine and scratch build and use Waldron details parts with PE for the Zero. There should be enough on the PE fret to do it justice. I may have a PE set. Send me PM if you are interested. It is a good ole donor kit for a Rufe conversion. Rick
  23. P-51B make a good tool along the way. Thousands and thousands will be sold... in a year!
  24. If you go to page 2, the Meteor F4 is under the WWII header...
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