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  2. We all strive for accuracy as best we can but modelling is at heart representational.
  3. I don't think it is physically possible to improve on this. I think you have just smashed the glass ceiling on your way to the stars Truly amazing build. vB
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  5. mpk

    Hasegawa Ki-84.

    I have the model ready for the final blend later this evening. I am aware how stark it appears now, but this is part of my "plan". I have begun weathering the belly. Wish me luck.
  6. Thanks, it takes a bit of work to get them mated up flush. I was extremely careful not to mess up that characteristic lower bulge when sanding, too. Jerry Rutman did a faithful job of mastering this conversion, and I did not want to lose any of the subtle detail he put so much effort into. A couple of other tricky spots to make note of: 1. The upper cowling piece that is molded into the D-13 upper nose piece from GMF was a bit warped downward on mine. It did not mate up with the top curve of the kit cowl very well, so I had to break it slightly at the panel line and bend it upward, holding it in alignment while gluing. Watch out for that on yours. I've circled it below: 2. The GMF fuse halves wound up a tad narrower than the kit tail assembly, and I did not notice it until I had glued the tail on. Make sure you check that before gluing the fuse halves together. It may require a bit of shimming between the halves to get them flush with the sides of the kit tail. I had to do a bunch of filling and sanding to fix mine, so void that if you can. See below: Tim
  7. Hi Chuck I have been doing my own photoetch for a couple of years now and i had the same problem as you. I could not find any place to print in super small detail. I ended up buying a Samsung C1810w laser printer. I can not get detail as fine as 0.1 mm the smallest i have had succecs with is 0.2 mm. But i think it would be very difficult to get 0.1 mm detail on DIY etch even with a perfectly professional printed mask. Aligning the front and backside mask is very hard to do within a 0.1 mm tolerance. Also i think you need super thin photoresist to achive such details. I can send you a test print mask from the Samsung C1810 if you are interested. Have fun. Cheers Mikkel
  8. I wonder how many metric tonnes of of plastic has been sanded to dust removing those applique monstrosities?
  9. Thats what I was wondering. Whats the best way to ask about quality of output from a print shop? DPI or is there another metric to determine this? Thanks for the info.
  10. A shout out to a member here who threw me an original RoJ Ki-43. The 1973 issue kit. Also included an original "Jack" print. Amazingly, I just happen to have a set of decals for the kit. Who'd a thunk it? So, thank you sir.
  11. Technically it's CF-188 not CF-118, anyway here is a listing of bombs dropped during that operation: Ordnance expended 500-pound bombs, GBU-12 type 495 2,000-pound bombs, GBU-10 type 188 500-pound bombs, GBU-38 type 11 2,000-pound bombs, GBU-31 type 2 Jari
  12. Yeah man, that is some seriously nice scratch work.
  13. Beautiful work Tim! I agree about the cleanliness... you've got that Grey Matter resin fuselage perfectly integrated with the rest of the kit! I love this view since it shows very cowling bulge so clearly.
  14. Yep, kind of a shame, as Ive seen some people make it work, but when things don't work they don't work. Otherwise the build is looking smashing so far!
  15. Really exciting news......getting close now!!
  16. Coming together nicely for you. Looking forward to the painting.
  17. Again, I'm blown away!! I still almost don't want you to paint it.
  18. Once again, beautiful work!! Should be popular for that new P-51 Korean War boxing!
  19. If it's anything like your SE5a diorama, it will be a beautiful thing to behold!
  20. I certainly hope so, Damian. It's very important to me that I do a nice job on this for two local shows later this year. The paints and decals should be here in a couple days, then I can run some spoon tests to see what's what.
  21. Coming from you my friend...this is high praise. You are my Yoda. thanks brother Pig
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