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  2. What did you end up flying in? Glad you had a great time! We had some success with our Travel Air 6000, Vintage Grand Champion for '21! As always, it was an incredible week, full of memories and fun. Ill put some pictures up later, once I get unpacked! Denzil
  3. I actually reviewed those here on LSP, and they're utterly gorgeous. My N will most certainly be wearing them.
  4. Looking great! I'm surprised I haven't seen/heard any updates from you on the restoration in so long. We really do stink at keeping in touch, don't we?
  5. By Jove I think you’re right. Never seen that mix before!
  6. A F-4B about to launch: https://intrepid.emuseum.com/objects/19866/f4-phantom-on-the-catapult?ctx=f21d7d96032469048ac2048a33290afad4b1ca32&idx=8 click on the pic to zoom in, besides some extra "decaling" it appears to have a mix of AIM-9B and D. Jari
  7. Finn


    Here is another view of a RF-8 cockpit, with pilot strapped in: https://intrepid.emuseum.com/objects/19810/rf8g-photo-crusader-from-above?ctx=d160336c135ba754e27aeade0bfb6395b8c8532e&idx=6 click on the pic and you can zoom in. Jari
  8. I am just starting to get in to 3 printing and i am slowly trying to learn some of the free 3D CAD software and i can say something like that you will have to hire someone to design for you or do it your self but you can always try cults 3d printing or CGtraider https://www.cgtrader.com/ https://cults3d.com/en
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  10. Admittedly not the best paint job I've ever done on an IP, but I can certainly live with it. Now onto other '109 stuff.
  11. More work, probably the last for today. Still not finished but much happier with this look full sun shots
  12. Thanks Tim. That helps. Next step, download something, play with it. Dan
  13. It's still sitting in Reno. Hope it's having a good time up there. Pitney Blows still sucks.
  14. I agree! Love that camo! nice job on a tough kit Chris! P
  15. I've updated the software until I'm blue in the face. I'm basically done with it. Life is too short for me to waste time with crap like that.
  16. Well shoot, guess I'm redoing the wear in the cockpit next bench session. I was just told that the other crew chief of Rude Dude (the 160th has 2 crew chiefs per MH-60L) said they were meticulous about their bird, so it means less wear on the floor. Doh! Tim
  17. I gave up trying to fathom Revell several years after I bought their later edition of the 1/32 F-4E Phantom II and RF-4C Phantom II. I could see by the way they engineered the parts sprues they they were thinking about releasing the whole line of the Phabulous Phantoms from the F-4B to the F-4S (and possibly even including the UK Phantoms) but did they? Nope... We finally got an F-4G Phantom a couple of years ago but only after they were extremely sure Tamiya wasn't going to release one... So who can fathom Revell or any other model company directors board? And why bother....
  18. Okay, I'm not sure what you mean by the Silhouette opening files, you mean the software? Windows or Mac? Silhouette model? Silhouette Software version? How do you connect, USB or bluetooth? Periodically they update the software. There may also be a firmware update but you have to be connected via USB for firmware updates. Dave
  19. Oliver, the floor wasn't weathered between the seat wells nor the front because the center console will be in the middle and there will be a wall installed in the front. Tim
  20. Yesterday
  21. Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hjnm31hk851zwj/P-40N_Lulu_Belle_Inst_Rev09-17-13.pdf?dl=0
  22. I dunno, maybe I missed something in my dotage, but there is a lot of history and color in Jennings’ new decal sheet. If these squadrons had not introduced the B model to the fleet, there wouldn’t have been the rest of the F-4 alphabet to follow. VF-74 was the first squadron to take F-4s to the boat for a deployment - and a fairly long one at that, which included (if my age addled brain will cooperate) the Cuban Missile Crisis. That’s pretty historic, but it was a Med cruise so, for some, that might not count for much because they didn’t “go downtown” and shoot at Migs or whatever. The history of the F-4 is a body of knowledge; the squadrons on Jennings’ sheet contributed to it and deserve to be documented, even if some never fired a shot in anger.
  23. Hi, While I'm not sure of the Fighter Group and Squadron, I believe it was a P-40N in the south west pacific theater or operations. If memory works, it was an olive drab over neutral gray bird. If it helps, Eduard released the exact bird in 1/32 (using Hasegawa plastic.)
  24. I was cleaning up the chaos in which I reside and found a sheet of decals that go on to a P-40. But the instructions are missing. So I need to know which model P-40 they go on and any other camoflage info on the aircraft. The main image are side views of big white skulls that go on the sides of the engine nacelle - 1 each side. There is also a little decal sheet with the aircraft name LULU BELLE in yellow letters. The only indication I have as to the manufacture of the decals is the word fundekals :} on the sheet. I would appreciate knowing which version of the P-40 the Skull decals will go on. Many thanks, Stephen
  25. Hahahaha!! “Small plane”, “Navy plane”, “appears to have made a hard landing”, etc. Sorry. I worked with the media at all levels for the last third or so of my career and never ceased to be amazed at the level of ignorance that abounds in that “profession”. And not just when trying to talk about military or aviation related events or issues, but across the board for pretty much any topic. Anyway, good job, good stick, saved the airplane. Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, but I’ll bet she would have been seriously pissed if she’d heard that guy call her a small plane.
  26. Some spectacular builds showcased there!
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