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  2. There also doesn’t appear to be a hole in the gunners glass for the upper gunsight periscope, but there is a hole in the fuselage underside for the lower periscope, although there are no provisions for the lower turret. Based on these photos of the sprues, it looks like this kit is going to be a dumpster fire as far as accuracy goes. It’s weird that HB has issues with aircraft when they can do very good armor kits.
  3. EDIT: Here's the two missing sprues from the above photos: 5e81ab649c027 by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr 5e81ab65e02ca by Dennis SAuter, on Flickr - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  4. Appears the cockpit is set up for two controls, also. I think we're missing a sprue, as there are no seats, either. The armor plate for the rear gunner's pedestal is present in these photos, on the stabilizer/wheel well insert sprue. This is a bit of a let down from this sprue look :-/ I'm probably still going to buy one though. Because you're all correct. This is likely the only 1/32 A/B-26 we'll ever see. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  5. I can't imagine having kids and no car?! If it was a straight choice, I'd take the car. Every time. Much cheaper, dependable, retains some value, doesn't answer back, can be swapped for a different model, doesn't ask for money, doesn't leave piles of washing and you can even chose the colour.
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  7. He's a motorcyclist, though I'm sure his wife gives him a lift occasionally in her car!
  8. Perhaps i missed it.....but it seems the rear gunners fire control is missing. Not to mention. The rear "glass" appears to be more like a water bomber/ A-26k.
  9. Tom, you Sir, are one of the neatest scratch builders ever! Your build is truly inspirational, and such a unique subject as well
  10. Will check this tonight. Can not upload or send PDFs ? Maybe I missed something? Robert Jan
  11. Anyone have some leads on some panel line decals? Specifically gun bay latches on the underside of the TA-152? Was a little overzealous in sanding and there is no way I can re scribe them. Ryan
  12. Guys, I couldn't agree more, the F.1 is without a doubt still one of the sexiest fighters ever! Jan, that sounds interesting and would love to see it Thanks Nick, the pylon dimensions check out, but the fuel tank seemed to be a mystery... So, I placed a pretty good side shot photo onto the drawings. Again, the pylon was spot on, and that gives me a very good indication of the fuel tank's dimensions Cheers, John
  13. what a great build, now all we need is a model of it best regards, Dennis
  14. Pictures, loud and clear! The Thus looks great, very nicely done. Barry
  15. Really nice work Gary. Looking at Vincen't photos, the voltage regulator is just below the panel under the cockpit door.
  16. Oh cool, cheers I will keep you in mind. I need to look though my spares first, I might have something that will do the job.
  17. My latest project, the big F105G Wild Weasel. I use the Academy kit as the base for this project. i I will put these under the wing and the Pyhton missiles. And a little bit of Eduard photo stuff. I hope the images are seen now?
  18. I just hope that there's still a front row seat for me to watch your progress. I hope to learn a lot from your progress - thanks for posting Excellent idea to get some AM GBU-12. Lothar
  19. I've just noticed a massive oversight on KH's part. They haven't included any of the stores/weapons/pylon decals for the 2000D kit. On the -C kit, they all come on Sheet A. Because you get a different Sheet A with the -D, these decals haven't been transferred across, leaving you without the majority of the stencilling and markings you need... I've emailed Sophia now, I'll let you know if I get a response.
  20. Well, I've just noticed that Kitty Hawk haven't provided the majority of the stores and weapons decals. They are all included on the A sheet for the 2000C but haven't been transferred over to the D kit ffs.
  21. Great stuff as always Chuck - lessons learned as always!
  22. Not so simple! If you go over a threshold the amount increases! And I do not even mention the addition of the 21% of VAT. Finally, purchasing full plastic overseas is not really interesting anymore, alas!
  23. This is pretty much as far away from my preferred subjects as possible, but I cannot wait to see you tackle this project, Peter. Great to see you are keeping your momentum!
  24. hello all, Have done some work on the bow door, actually, I started all over again, so part 4 of the bow doors. The front lower part hinged inside when the ship hit the beach. I also started on the the cargo. enjoy, Rammstein
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