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  2. Jeepers, that will make for an impressive display with some LED lighting.
  3. What a great details. I like this a lot.
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  5. I was going to make a Bf 109G-14/AS from the Hasegawa G-10 kit and was thinking about using an AM cockpit. Just looking at Aires, which cockpit would be the correct one to use, the G-6 or the G-10? Also, does anyone have an experience buying from scalehobbyist.com? They have really good prices on the Aires cockpits. Thanks, Bill
  6. Sorry to hear for the guns and ammo boxes. Your insignias look real great. Nice deep blue color for the bat.
  7. I'm almost certain Peter does crossword puzzles with a ballpoint pen. This will be a great book.A Mustang must have.
  8. I really like the Hasegawa D kit, but it drives me a little crazy how wrong the distributors/magnetos are for that production block, not to mention the prop governor and gear reduction case. One can always spring for the Vector engine but it's pretty pricey and a bit of detail overkill unless you want to open up the cowling panels, in my opinion. Considering it's nigh on impossible getting my mitts on the Hasegawa M kit these days (which apparently have the correct B-series engine, although I've never actually seen it IRL) I'd be in for at least 3-4 sets if you make this happen, Harold. Does anyone know if Hasegawa have discontinued the M kit? Or even if it'd be possible to order M overtrees/sprues with the correct parts from Hasegawa to make a B-series engine for the D kit? Still got fingers & toes crossed for that new manscale Jug from Tamiya-San next month in Shizuoka, though!
  9. Thanks Gazz, makes me feel like it’s coming together! lots of progress today trying to get the halves together. Here’s the exhaust. Done with AKI pigments - desert dust, burnt umber, and jet exhaust. And that was the last thing I needed before assembling the halves. Here’s another use for those eyelash brushes chuck promotes so highly...tapered end to plug the gun muzzles and then again to smooth out the intake and get rid of the step in the kit part,
  10. My grandfather helped build the original. I've had an interest since I was a kid. I've got a couple of the Revell kits and about seven of the 1:350 Minicraft kits under my belt. I always wanted a bigger one but the 1:200 Mantua and 1:250 Amati wooden kits are very expensive and would likely take longer to build than the time I have left in this world (I work at turtle speed). I'll be getting one as soon as they hit the U.S. market.
  11. Great idea...Can't wait to see them finished...
  12. Amazing bit of research. Thanks for posting this.
  13. Nice... I'll be in for two when they're available. Now, can you create the R-2800C prop reduction gearcase indicative of the P-47M with the correct magneto/distributor setup for the R-2800 C series engine (along with your prop, necessary for those who want to model a P-47M but only have the P-47D kit)? For that matter, what about a correct R-2800 B series prop reduction gearcase with the correct GE "turtleback" ignition system that would correct the abomination Hasegawa provides in their P-47D kits? If you're up for it, I've got the information and parts to help get it done.
  14. Super cool idea! Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all in aircraft modeling, somebody comes up with something new. Cheers, Chuck
  15. It's always an utter pleasure to watch you work!!!
  16. Not sure how this one slipped past my radar, but its looking good.
  17. Inspiring work my friend!! Those fasteners really look the biz
  18. IIRC, only restos and show birds are supposed to have red bars. I believe the original versions were silver.
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  20. Now... I know I've been talking a lot about traveling lately... I've completed the last trip until august, so now it's (fingers crossed) home time until august. I've completed my man cave and tonight was the first building night there - sooooo great. So tonight was 'moving in party' Finished the framework indside Got some paint on it - interior green with some mucking up Also put some ZCG on the wheel wells and engine nacelles One question... my friends are laughing at me - I have a bad habit of getting ahead of the instructions (who needs those) - and so I assembled the engines and the assembled the nacelles but it seems it needed to put exhausts on then engines, install them and THEN put the nacelle parts on that contain the exhaust covers... well I have assembled the nacelles without adding the exhausts, so my question is - can anyone show me how the exhaustans are supposed to be inside the nacelles ? I plan to put them in without installing the engine, but I need a pointer to correct installation...
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