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P-47D Thunderbolt - Hasegawa 1/32

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After painting some detail, I assembled the engine.




I got a few tips from Dugy's Thunderbolt build! One of them was to lower the engine.




The other one was to cut up the drop tank mount in order to raise it a bit so the tank won't touch the floor.


I've also worked a bit with the landing gear and tank parts, preparing stuff for paint.




So now I got some painting and later assembly to do! :)




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The rims, covers and the tank was painted aluminium.




Then the covers was turned over and painted zinc-chromate yellow.




I almost forgot to put a small decal on the engine, but now it's done! :)




The tires was painted with a mix of tire black and black.




I kinda more or less copied what Dugy had done! :)




After trying a few OD colours on the bombs, I found one that I liked.




Now they only need a bit of touching up and decals, unless I paint the yellow bands.


The prop tips and spinner got some yellow paint.




I first glues the cowlings and then the bottom cover with the engine. After that the other covers was glued in place, one by one.




A few bits and pieces to sort, like masking the canopy, before I can start priming and painting.




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5 hours ago, Azgaron said:

Thank you Dugy and thanks for the very useful tips on your build! :)




Ah, your welcome there, naturally I pinched them myself from other builds too…. :ph34r:

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