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P-47D Thunderbolt - Hasegawa 1/32

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Now I finally have something to show! :)


As usual the build starts with the cockpit! :)

I cleaned up the parts for it and then some got painted black and the rest dull dark green.




After painting the backsides on some of them, I could start with the details.






As can be seen I've started assembling the pilot. I thought it looked quite nice and will be putting him in later.

I then assembled the cockpit.






I'll do some minor weathering and then put the cockpit where it belongs.




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Hey mate could you use these?  They are leftover masks of which I’ll never use, they’re yours if you want them. The stars and bars are gone, the skull and crossbones, squadron codes, and serial numbers are thumbs up. :popcorn:



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Thank you Dugy and Boris! :)


@DugyB if you don't mind sending them to me, it could be fun trying masks for the markings.


After the cockpit was done, getting it in place was fairly easy. There are a few things to look out for though.

If you're planning to use the drop tank, there are holes to drill and open (for the poly caps), and mounting the cockpit on the bottom with the wing spars, seems to be a good idea. Then just checking that everything aligns as it should, it's easy going from there.




After taking care of the seams, I painted covers and engine parts while the sprue glue was drying.




The wings was assembled.




And then the wings to the body.




Some parts was painted on the other side and some got a touch of black metal.




Next  I'll paint the rest of the engine and hopefully the landing gears and other small parts.




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