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Italeri 1/32 F-104C

Phil Smith

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In addition to building a model of a Swiss Bf-109 (a topic elsewhere on this forum), I started work on a 1/32 model of an F-104C. For some reason, I decided to build two kits at once. Hopefully, that goes well!


First up is the ejection seat. I started with Eduard Brassin C2 ejection seat kit, which is composed of resin and photoetch parts. The quality is excellent. I cleaned up the parts and airbrushed Tamiya Gray Primer followed by Alclad II Airframe Aluminum, AK Worn Effects, and AK Zinc Chromate. Once dried, I sprayed on a coat of Vallejo Dark Gull Gray. A water-based scrubbing then took place to add wear and tear. I’ve not done multi-layer distressing effects before, and I’m satisfied with the results. A gloss coat was applied (Tamiya X-22), then decals, another gloss coat, and a final bit with Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (black). Finally, everything was sealed with XF-86 matte.


With the ejection seat completed, the cockpit tub is next and so far this is coming along pretty well. I’m using Eduard’s photoetch fret to populate some of the details on the floor and walls, and will use Red Fox Studio’s 3D printed controls (these look nicely printed, BTW).  













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5 hours ago, MikeC said:

Always good to see a Starfighter.  Are you doing colourful or camo?

A colorful bare metal version. I wanted to do the NF-104A, but while a conversion kit apparently existed at one point it is no longer readily available. I'm also far too lazy to scratchbuild the mods and make the decals (though I considered it). In fact, 1/32 decals for F-104Cs appear in short supply, which is a shame.

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Thanks for the kind words. Definitely an awesome canvas to work with!


More progress during the past few days as I steal an hour here and there. The cockpit tub is modified a bit with random bits from the Eduard set. Same sort of painting process I used with the seat - Tamiya surfacer primer (gray), Alclad II Aluminum Plate, X-22 gloss coat, AK Worn Effects, AK Zinc Chromate, and finally Vallejo Dark Gull Gray. Then, water and scrub to distress the surface. This is sealed with X-22 and accented with Tamiya panel line accent color (black). I needed to add more "scratches" using drybrush with Testors Aluminum. XF-86 matte finished things off. Final touch is Red Fox Studios F-104C cockpit controls. These are pretty nice, though the transparent resin used to make the items needs a little attention in obvious places so the light catches the controls correctly (pull handles and switch covers received a bit of red/yellow paint).


So far, so good. No major issues yet.








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