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*** Finished*** 1/32 Hasegawa & Montex -Focke Wulf Fw-190A3


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While waiting for the rocket launcher parts of the Bf 110 G2, I decided to start this project. ( I must have gotten bored waiting )

Base kit is Hasegawa's Fw 190A5 . I will use Montex's conversion set to backdate to A3. This set includes the shorter fuselage and other necessary parts.

It looks like "Yoda" is also interested in this project.









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Looking good!


When Montex released these conversions, years ago, I purchased both the A-3 and A-4. I used the A-3 to do an A-2 and that set had quite a "bow" to each fuselage half. Thankfully, it went together without any real issues and the build was pleasant, overall. I still have the A-4 conversion and I do intend to build it. With the release of the new ZM A-4 kit, it's kind of lighting a fire under me to get it done, as I can't justify buying another A-4, until I build the one I already have (but I am also still holding out for a "basic" version, if they ever do it). In short, I think Montex did a great job on this conversion and they can certainly be made into a great looking model. Yours is already well on it's way!



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