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  1. Agreed. I think hobbyists tend to be very straight forward people, particularly with fellow hobbyists. But if you look hard enough you will find someone who has no moral values, just as in any cross section of society. I would say something, but approach it as a someone made a mistake. Accidents do happen, and I would start by giving the benefit of a doubt. See what reaction you get, before making a conclusion of theft. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Thank you Alain. It is coming together. All the parts are ready. I just need to finish up the paint work and a couple small decals before giving it a finish coat of gloss. Andy
  3. Coming down the stretch trying to get finished so I can start the Spitfire. The Sabre, an F-100, and the Spit are just too many fires at one time.....
  4. Thanks Kev. I'm going to paint. I asked Bill, Citadelgrad to run me off some stencils, to which he graciously agreed.
  5. So I have decals for the tail codes and the modex on the nose, but they are ancient. They'll probably fall apart once they hit water. I was thinking I could clear coat before I try to use them. Never done it before. Is there a particular clear you guys would recommend? I realize it should be lacquer product. Would MRP clear work? My other option would be to make stencils
  6. I had to take a few days off from modeling due to an eye infection. I suspect I got it from one of my rug rat grandkids Gotta love em... Anyway I got back to this thing, trying to get it finished up. Wheel wells, and speed brake wells are now painted, along with a couple of hinomaru on the fuselage, and the turbine stripe. I also got the main gear assembled and ready for install. I had a hiccup on the left aileron and am in the process of repainting it. A little self inflicted PITA.
  7. " in violation of my "one kit at a time" rule. " Rules are meant to be broken...
  8. For EP706 I've seen profiles for the topside in desert camouflage of dark earth/middlestone with azure blue underside, and also overall topside in dark sea grey with azure blue underside. Im looking for dates of these 2 color schemes, as I suspect it's time relevant. I found a date showing desert camo of September 1942, but have not found anything indicating when the dark sea grey was applied.
  9. That turned out really nice Dave. Great job.
  10. This profile shows a "C" wing, but everything I can find on EP706 says it was a "B" wing.
  11. The kit does look nice, even though it's still on the sprues. The HPH set has a few parts in it that look interesting enough, but I was more interested in it for the canopy and windscreen mostly. Actually I think you pointed that out to me a while back Dennis. Thanks for the tip.
  12. It's a really nice kit. Fitment for me was good, with most of the filling done with just primer brushed on to the seams. There are a few sink marks on the wings and fuselage, but nothing too server. Don't forget to open up the holes in the fuselage for the belly tank sway braces. It's in the instructions but easy to miss. Ask me how I know...
  13. I had originally wanted to do this build for the Out Of Africa GB, but...got shot down! . George Beurling was Canada's top scoring ace of WWII with 32 victories. 27 of those were achieved over Malta in just 14 days I'll use the Hobby Boss Mk Vb trop kit with a fair amount of AM to depict one of Beurling's spitfires from Malta in 1942.
  14. Just make engine noises with your lips when you look at it...
  15. She still needs the canopy, speed brakes, and landing gear plus a TACAN blade antenna on the nose. Most of the painting is done except the hinomaru's, but it's getting close.
  16. Starting an F-100. Dry fitting the Zacto nose, and compared the fuselage to the F-86. Big bird...
  17. Took a couple hours to mask, and 10 minutes to spray, but got some blue on the fuselage tonight after dinner. Edit: the blue is darker than it looks in the photo.
  18. It's white... Got the silver (MRP Super Silver) on the bottom of the wings and inside of the leading edge slats. Shot white on the fuselage and top of the wings. Next comes some serious masking...
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