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  1. Thanks Dennis. I'll admit there were more than 1 or 2 curse words used during this build, but all in all it was a lot of fun, and a really good learning experience. I definitely got out of my comfort zone on a few occasions. In the end, Hasegawa's P-47 is a great model. I already have another one to build (just not right away).
  2. In the words of my hero, and all around great American, Homer J Simpson....Doooh!
  3. Thank you Bill. Your help with the stencils was much appreciated. Now we need to get together for that beer I owe you
  4. I think I'm calling this one done. I'll get some better pics next weekend when I get back in town.
  5. Dave, I know my eyes aint what they used to be, but isn't the oil cooler vent open on the wrong side?
  6. Thanks Kev. Finally sitting on it's wheels. All that's left to do is the gun sight, canopy, and decals.
  7. Thanks Bill. D-DAY STRIPES ARE DONE! . Got the tail wheel assembly done and installed, Drop tank and sway braces on, and still working on the main gear and doors.
  8. Thanks Dennis. Patience is a virtue that I never had, definitely a work in progress. Unfortunately work has got in the way a little bit, but I'm going to try and finish up before the GB ends. I don't have too good of a record of finishing these things on a deadline... Made a little more progress this morning. I'll be really glad when I finish the D-Day stripes.
  9. Did some painting of the gear doors last night. I think they came out pretty good. Got word yesterday that I will be headed back out of town for the next few weeks, so I'm going to try and do a marathon this weekend to try and finish things up on this build.
  10. Good enough....now on to the bottom side. From this photo, I'm going to say the bottom stripes have full black stripes and the white appears to have a black border. I have profiles showing it both with/without full black stripes and with/without borders on the white bottom. I also have sets of decals showing both ways too. I'm going to go with the photo. Probably the most accurate...
  11. I'm still not happy with the stripes. Moving on to other parts that need finishing, like the landing gear. I'll revisit the stripes later . They are starting to wear on me a little. I did 2 ductless split units in the house (2 ton each). Best move I made in a while. Very efficient. Cools the entire house in under 10 minutes, and cost about 25% of what the central air used to cost to run. I don't know if it's still available, but Edison gave me a $1000 rebate for each unit. The units were $1200 each. Line sets, breakers, wire, and other miscellaneous items came to about $750. I forked out under $3000 installed and got $2000 back from Edison. I did the work myself, so to have someone install would be a tad more for sure, but if the rebates are still out there, you can save a pretty penny. BTW, I used the IFF lights lenses you made they worked really well. Thank you.
  12. Thanks Troy. I appreciate the encouraging words. The different part is mosly techniques, and details. I wish I had put more detail into the engine, wheels wells, and cockpit. The model deserves more than I was able to put into it, but I'm learning. Technique wise, painting the markings was a challenge. Now that I have a little taste of it, I think I can do it better next time around. Using more/ better aftermarket parts and pieces, and detailing them better, and learning to do a little scratch building will help. And most importantly learning not to rush. I made several blunders on this model by not taking a little time, and hurrying steps and processes. Woooosa....relax and enjoy the build. Patience has never been one of my strong points, but I'm trying to learn how to do that too....lol
  13. I mentioned I was planning on doing this same aircraft again, and have another kit (same one) waiting on the sidelines. I forgot to drill out the locations for the centerline sway braces the first time around, so I drilled out the holes on the new kit, and will measure to locate on this one. I also did some playing around trying to get fuel stains and streaks on the drop tank at the fill cap.
  14. Glued, filled and sanded the seam (again) Used a little Mr Surfacer 1000 where I screwed up rescribing the panel lines... (I really gotta quit screwin up stuff). I'll fix that too when it dries. The primer I sprayed is almost a dead match for the RAF medium sea gray used for the underside. LOL
  15. Thanks Kev. I usually don't have issue with seams too much but this will be the 3rd time to fix this one. Not sure why it keeps popping. I did have some heavy rework in the paint at that area of the fuselage..maybe Im just getting a little too hammer fisted with it...
  16. uuuugh...now I have a seam on the bottom of the fuselage that decided to rear it's ugly head.
  17. I haven't been able to do much in modeling for several weeks , but did get a chance to sit down this weekend and play airplanes for a while. The fuselage invasion stripes...Ah yes... So I did get some touch up done. It aint perfect. I plan on doing this same aircraft again, in the not so distant future. I found several things I'll do different next time, including the D-Day stripes.
  18. If I remember correctly it was Worthington Dodge on South street in Long Beach. Then it became Worthington Ford. " I'll eat a bug to sell you a new car". LOL
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