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Mirage 2000-5MK2 H.A.F 114FW/331Squadron

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I present to you the famous Kitty Hawk kit built as 2000-5 MK2 by H.A.F.The following were used: cockpit and seat by Grandmodels Wheels by Reskit.Refueling tube by Master,kasl hobby radar cone

Engine Nozzle by Reskit. RPL501/502 Fuel Tanks by Grandmodels. Mica Rockets by Grandmodels & Reskit. And Decals by Procal Decals.

And the ladder is from Larsenal.

The colors of the Camouflage are from MRP codes 356-357. And the paint on the radar cone with Gunze H307



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You have rendered very well the harmony and fluidity of the forms of this plane.
The camouflage is superb, the patina neither too much nor too little.
Very nice work that highlights the Mir 2k.

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Very eye-catching build!  The grey camo scheme is very pleasing to look at and you did a wonderful job fading the paint and other weathering.  I think the exhaust nozzle looks really good as well.



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