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Is anybody up for a Panther, Cougar , or a Tiger


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57 minutes ago, LSP_Ray said:

Got my Panther & Cougar; wouldn't mind a Tiger, though.

Pau Fisher's ? I missed that one by about 3 weeks[ both the Panther and Cougar] The market is wide open for someone to step up to the plate. I know three people right off who would buy 2 of each ,me , myself ,and I 

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1 hour ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

So that'll be 6 each for Crazy Ivan5?

Yup! And that's just for starters . I can get my daughter to help me out with this one! She's a Navy vet so she knows all about naval aviation past and present, I'm an Air Force vet my self so her and I are on the same wave length . 

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1 hour ago, scvrobeson said:

Most of these early jets are sorely lacking on the market.  Would love to see a Cougar, Panther, and Tiger kit. Not to mention a Banshee, FH-1 Phantom, a Fury, and...




I often have to wonder why these don't get any love. granted the Tiger didn't serve very long as a front line fighter but then look how long it did serve with the blue Angels. the others served with some foreign countries I'll see your list and raise you 1 A1E family model Skyraider 

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I know we are focussing on 1/32, but when we say 'Sabre' or 'Fury' in 1/48 we should remember that very good kits of the F-86D, F-86F, FJ-2, FJ-3 and FJ-4/4B already exist in that scale. In 1/32, the F-86D and F-86K kits by Kitty Hawk will likely be the best there is for some time (both are very nice kits). And we also have the Kinetic/Italeri F-86F, which though clunky in places, is a good starting point. The ancient Hasegawa kit is still around, and has aged quite well, though its landing gear is modelled in "weight-off-wheels" configuration.


So what we really are missing in 1/32 (for the Sabre/Fury family) is:




early F-86F





FJ-3 family

FJ-4 family.


I doubt we'll see injection kits of the Fury lineage in 1/32 and I know some kit manufacturers see the F-86A and F-86H as too 'niche', but a nicely-detailed vee-screen F-86E with separate screen parts and fuselage vent/intake inserts for the early F-86F shouldn't be difficult to do, and would be very welcome. If the screen parts were handled in the same way as many P-51 kits treat the same area (fuselage decking included), then the differences in side screens and vee-screen fairing/flat screen demister vent area could be dealt with quite easily.

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