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Photobooth backdrop


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I have a tabletop photobooth with a blue backdrop.

I've noticed some modelers are using a solid gray one and I like the color, but I don't know what type to get.

I have to choose between vinyl and polyester. 

Which one is best to get?




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9 hours ago, Archer Fine Transfers said:

I  would suggest one that is the least glossy, but that's just a guess. I use paper, but my setup is entirely different.

Here are my 2 choices in the gray I want. The size will by a 3x3 




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I just built a “photo box” from white foam poster board, to step up my photography game here are some shots I took of my little bird and the lighting is just from my dinning room light. Still need to get a nice led light to mount over box.   




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I used poster board in the past, thou it would get dirty after a while and I would have to replace it. I managed to find plastic sheet back drops from Aliexpress, and they weren't expensive. The sheet cost me around $10-15 at most.

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Just yesterday I rigged a new frame for my photo backdrop. I don't use a booth or lightbox, as I find them too awkward and limiting. Instead, I have a 75cm square table set up permanently, and now use a pair of LED light panels for lighting, along with some much-improved daylight downlights in the room.


Here's the new frame, made out of PVC piping and fittings:




For the backdrop, I use a continuous roll of white printer paper (85cm wide), and cut appropriate lengths as I need them:




Unfortunately the roll is old and has been kicked around a bit, so the edges have seen better days. I plan to upgrade this solution to use a vinyl sheet soon, which should produce an even better result.




Really happy with how this turned out.



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This is my setup. Four feet wide plywood base, white seamless, white plastic corrugated side panels lit with three 3,000 lumen LED shop lights for ambient. Also two dimmable LED studio lights with home made "soft boxes" and optional white nylon diffusers for fill. May not be for everyone but works for my philosophy that when it comes to photography there's no such thing as too much light.






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