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decisions, decisions... set! NAA P51B Trumpeter 1/32

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to everyone, forgive the delay in answering, these are hectic days!

Ernest, the checkerboard it's not a work of me, it's just a decal!:whistle:


so, I would declare it finished, unless there are suggestions for further interventions.

I tried to take some pictures of the last details added at the end of the work, and they are worse than my usual ultra low standard.

but for the moment I'll put these on. then, if I can have a moment of peace, maybe...



look how sloppy I am, I haven't even positioned well the hatches of the weapons compartments.



the scratches, delimited by the bands of primer below, have a bizarre yield, but on the other hand if that were the real...

for the cockpit there is no way, it seems to me, to portray in a single shot all the knick-knacks that I threw in it, patience.


I have to say the transparent ones are very...transparent! maybe i should do some weathering to at least the windshield?



had we talked about the navigation lights? oh well, usually vacuform with a ball of fishing line underneath. maybe these came a little oversized, this time.



I added some bolts to the LG legs, managed to almost center the Browning's muzzle on the leading edge holes, added the hole for the camera gun missing in the kit, redone the attachments of the droppable tanks, along with the pipes and rods.

mmmmh, and I have to re-dirty the tires around the rims, I guess.



on the belly I kept light. maybe too much light.



in short, it wasn't the relaxation kit I wanted, but in the end something acceptable came out, I would say.

apart from a little difficulty in cold starts.



okay, no more ugly photos.



for the base I thought at a PSP surface, maybe good as a set for other allied aircraft, I also got the necessary, but I didn't have the time or the ability to think about it.

what else to say... the deadline for this group build is so far away, maybe I may add a subject to it?



cheers, Paolo



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That's a good looking model, Paolo.  It's nice to see a B variant of the Mustang for a change and you've given me some thoughts about mine which presently resides on my shelf of doom.


Looking forward to see how you finish this off.  :goodjob:






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